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Xneelo Domain Simple Guide For Beginners

In this blog post, you are going to learn more about Xneelo domain.

You will learn their domain prices, how to register a new domain, and how to transfer.

As a bonus, we will reveal the exact checklist you can use to make sure the website name you pick is the best, so stick to the end.

To get you started, let us cover the basics and build our way up.

What is a domain?

A domain name is the address of a website. It’s also sometimes called an internet address or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). 

When you type in your favorite website, like, into your browser and hit enter, this is what happens:

The browser looks up the domain name and tells your internet provider. 

The request is sent to a server that knows where is, then sends the information back to you so it can show you what’s on!

Some of these requests are handled by servers close to where you live.

But for sites all around the world, your computer has no idea how far away they are – or even if they exist at all! 

It just doesn’t know enough about geography or networks. This means that oftentimes when you look up something like Alibaba dot com in China, many different computers will send data back and forth until one finally finds out where Alibaba lives.

How can you own a domain name in South Africa?

To own a domain name in South Africa, you must buy it.

In order to buy a domain, you need to know what type it will be (i.e., .com), and then find out if that particular domain name is available for purchase (domain search).

When someone purchases the rights to a given URL or keyword for their business, this means no one else can use them as long as they keep paying on time and renewing every year or two years when necessary.

It’s important not only for branding purposes but also because search engines like Google rank websites higher based on backlinks from other domains with good reputations.

As such, having an awesome domain makes all those factors work together in your favor!

Xneelo domain prices

As mentioned above, you must purchase a domain, which means there is a price attached to it.

And this price depends on the type of domain you are buying.

Just to bring you up to speed, there are at least three types of domains;

  • ccTLDs: Country-code Top Level Domain. Everyone can register these domain names to claim their geographic location, such as .za for South Africa, .de for Germany or .au for Australia
  • gTLDs: Generic Top Level Domain like .com and .org 
  • sTLDs: Second level domains are the ones that end in a specific top level domain extension (.gov) but use a different TLD than what is expected (e.g., You cannot register any one of these second level domains since they all correspond with an existing website’s primary name

For example; domain costs less than a .com domain.

Here is a table showing Xneelo domain prices;


Domain Price per year


This means that if you wish to have a domain, you must pay R89 to get it.


How to buy a domain on Xneelo

To buy a domain on, head over to 

Xneelo domain

Type the name you’d wish to register on the box shown and hit search.

Here, Xneelo will tell you whether the domain you have picked is already registered by someone else or not.

Xneelo domain

The next step is to sign up for Konsoleh Xneelo’s control panel.

Xneelo domain

After you’ve created an account, go ahead and log in to konsoleH, Xneelo’s control panel.

Go to ‘New Order’ and follow the prompts.

And then purchase your new Xneelo domain.

If you have an existing domain, follow these steps to transfer it to Xneelo.

How do I transfer my domain to Xneelo?

To transfer your domain to Xneelo, do the following;

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in at the Admin level.
  2. Select or search for the domain name to transfer in the search bar of the Hosting Services tab.
  3. Select Manage Services.
  4. Select Domains > Domain Transfer Manager.
  5. Ensure you have concluded all the steps, otherwise, the Xneelo domain transfer may fail. Click Next then Submit

From here, a ticket will be initiated to help sort your request. You can return later to check on the status.

Bonus: How to pick the best domain name

To pick the best Xneelo domain in South Africa, consider the following;

  • Make sure it’s available – you can check this by using a domain name search engine or tool 
  • If possible, include keywords in your name (for example “lawyer” or “fitness”) to help people find what they’re looking for faster! 
  • Avoid buzzwords like ‘best’, ‘top’, and ‘cheap’ because not only are these words overused but also often indicate low-quality content. If anything is specific about why you think your product is best/top of its kind etc.
  • Don’t use numbers and hyphens as part of your domain name – it makes typing different names difficult on mobile devices with iOS keyboards that feature predictive text features.

What to do next

We saw that Xneelo domain price for is R89 per year.

Here is a deal!

If you want to save R39 now, hear me out.

At Truehost, we are the cheapest domain register here in South Africa.

You can register the same .CO.ZA domain for R50 per year, no hidden charges.

Additionally, get free web hosting for 30 days.

Get started here.

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