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13 Ways Bloggers Make Money in South Africa You Can Copy

Do you want to know how bloggers make money in South Africa? We are going to show you 13 different ways that bloggers make money! 

Some of these may surprise you. If your goal is to start blogging and making money in South Africa, this article will help you get started.

1).  Affiliate marketing 

This is the most common way that bloggers make money in South Africa. 

Affiliate marketing means you promote other people’s products and get a commission for each sale made using your unique affiliate link. 

You can learn how to make money with affiliate marketing here.

2). Sponsored posts 

This is a great way to make money blogging in South Africa

You can write posts about anything you want, but many bloggers choose to promote products and services they love in return for cash payments from their sponsors. 

If this interests you, check out this guide on how sponsored blog posts work.

3). Selling ad space on your blog 

This is a slightly more difficult way to make money blogging in South Africa, but it’s still possible. 

You can sell ad space on your blog using platforms like Google AdSense and Mediavine.

4). Create and sell courses  

If you’re into creating content that could help other people, then this is a great way to make money blogging. 

You can create your own course and sell it directly to your readers (and others) using platforms like Teachable.

5). Memberships 

Many bloggers create exclusive content for their members. In return, they get ongoing subscriptions from these readers and make money blogging this way.

In case we haven’t mentioned it enough already, creating a paid membership area on your blog is probably one of the best ways for bloggers to make money from their website or blog

Not only do you get ongoing subscriptions from these members each month (which generates passive income) but people are also usually willing to pay quite a bit more for exclusive access to your content.

For example, if you have a blog that covers music downloads – then maybe only paying members will be able to download mp unique songs and albums from the website! 

That way they’ll feel special knowing that they’re getting something no one else can get…and once again it’s another great strategy for making money blogging in SA without all of those annoying banner ads.  

6). Freelance writing   

If you are a good writer, then there’s no reason why you can’t make money writing for other people. T

here are lots of places where you can find freelance blogging jobs and the pay is usually pretty decent too!

And this is another way bloggers make money in South Africa.

7). Create a business directory  

If you’re knowledgeable about a certain industry and live in Cape Town, then creating an online business directory could be a great source of income. 

For example, if you know all about fashion or fitness, create your own directory site!

You can also use platforms like Yelp to find local businesses that need directories created for them. 

Then offer to do it as a service for cash! 

Or…you could start up one yourself and charge others money for listing their companies inside yours (like we mentioned above). 

It’s really quite simple when you think about it – but very few people actually take advantage of this idea!  

8). Offering consulting services  

Here’s another way bloggers make money in South Africa that most people don’t know about.

If you have a special skill or area of expertise, you can offer your consulting services directly to other bloggers looking for help with their websites and blogs!

For example, if someone has spent hours creating the perfect WordPress blog in South Africa but they just can’t get readers or comments on it…they might be willing to pay YOU good money for some expert advice. 

All you need is the ability to solve these problems in an efficient manner (like we mentioned above) and voila – here’s another source of income from your blogging efforts!  

You could also consult businesses that want free information online without having their own website. 

9). Host sponsored contests or giveaways 

This is a great way to create excitement around your blog and earn some extra cash. 

You can use platforms like Rafflecopter or Woobox to host giveaways that require the entrants to subscribe for email updates, purchase products from you, etc.

But if contests aren’t really your thing – then why not try hosting sponsored product reviews instead? 

In this case, companies will send you their latest items for free in exchange for an honest review on your site (and maybe even a few photos). 

If it’s something they wouldn’t normally advertise about…you might even be able to negotiate a small payment as well!  

10). Write an ebook  

This is one of the best ways bloggers make money in South Africa.

If you have valuable information to share with the world, it might be a good idea for you to create your very own ebook. 

Not only does this add value to what people will read on your website…but it’s also another great way to make money blogging in South Africa! 

You can sell ebooks directly from your site using platforms like E-Junkie and Gumroad, or just give them away as freebies in exchange for email subscriptions (like we mentioned above).

Either way…if you have a talent for solving problems in an efficient manner, then this is another great side business idea that bloggers should consider. And if blogging doesn’t work out – you could always use your online consulting skills to find other types of freelance jobs!  

11). Monetize social media channels  

Another of the ways bloggers make money in South Africa is through social media.

This is yet another thing we mentioned earlier in this blog post (but it deserves its own section because there are so many opportunities here!). 

As you probably know by now, pretty much everyone has some sort of social media account these days:, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

For example, on Instagram influencers and models can actually make a lot of money by promoting products and brands through paid sponsorships (check out our article here to learn more about how influencer marketing works). 

Or maybe you could start your own Facebook group or YouTube channel where people come together to discuss certain topics? Either way – social media is another great platform for bloggers who want to find new ways to monetize their website!  

12). Sell merchandise  

One of the easiest ways bloggers make money in South Africa is by selling their own branded merchandise. 

This could be anything from t-shirts to mugs or even stickers! 

Even though you might think that this requires a lot of time and effort, in reality, it’s actually one of the fastest ways for bloggers in South Africa to get started making more money on their website.

For example, if your blog has an active following then people are obviously going to want more products with your name/brand on them…so why not create some cool designs yourself? 

Then once they’re designed just upload them onto Shopify (or something similar) and start uploading all sorts of new merch every week! 

Either way – this is another great way for bloggers who have established followings can

13). Sell templates  

Finally, another great way bloggers make money is by selling their own pre-made blog templates.

These can be either completely free to use or they might require a small one-off payment, but it’s yet another option that allows you to monetize your website without too much work! 

For example;

If you have a lot of experience designing different types of websites and blogs in the past then why not create some unique designs for other people who are also looking for high-quality blogging themes? 

Or maybe there aren’t enough customizable options out there at the moment – so why not become an expert in this field yourself?!

In conclusion 

In short, these are just 13 ways how bloggers make money in South Africa …but really the possibilities are endless. If you have any ideas of your own then make sure to let us know in the comments section below because we’d love to hear all about them!

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