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Making Money With a Website: 5 Most Popular Ways You Can Increase Your Profits

Last updated on September 3rd, 2020 at 08:16 am

Congratulations on building a website. It is not an easy task, especially if you’ve never done this before. But if you haven’t got one yet, it is not too late either. We have several guides here to help you move from an idea to finally building a beautiful website. Now you can move to making money with a website.

In this article, I want to reveal the 5 most popular ways you can implement now on your website to start seeing increased profits as soon as possible. But before that, here are a couple of things you need:

  • A website – you need a website with sizeable traffic.
  • Content – really valuable content. Your website should be having at least over 20 highly actionable articles published.
  • 1-3 hours per day to promote your website. Don’t worry, if you have a budget, you can use ads.

With that out of the way, let’s get right to these ideas.

  1. Add Google AdSense

making money with a website

Google AdSense is a program started by, yes, Google, to help content creators like you make money through their content. I bet you’ve seen ads on various websites with a little Ad icon at the corner, well, that’s Google AdSense in play.

making money with a website

What happens is that, when you click that ad, the website owner makes something out of it.

Basically, Google is forging a partnership with content creators where they serve ads on your content. And in return, you get to share the revenue, making it the #1 way of increasing profits.

Even with such possibilities, there is one downside.

Since your income from Google AdSense majorly depends on how many people actually end up clicking on the ads displayed on your site, it comes down to numbers game.

Let me explain.

The more traffic you have, the higher the amount of money you make. It is just that simple. But that’s not the whole equation.

  • The type of content also plays a part. To attract more readers, you need valuable content
  • Your niche also plays a role. Ads served on your website depends on the topics you write about. Some topics have higher CPC (Cost Per Click) while others have lower. As a result, your earnings will depend is influenced by where your content falls in this category.
  • Location of the ads. This is all about where you decide to display the ads. The truth is, there are some prime locations on your website that users are more likely to click than other areas.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making money through AdSense. But you get the picture.

  1. Self-publishing e-books

You know what eBooks are, they are digital books. Instead of the traditional, old-fashioned hard copy books, you can now read whatever you want right on the phone, tablet, or computer.

But here is what you don’t know:

Writing and publishing an ebook costs absolutely nothing.

That’s right.

Unlike the hardcover book where you have to enter into a contract with publishing companies, who end up ribbing you off, by the way, you can opt for ebooks.

  • Look for burning questions people are searching for, but getting few results. Use Google, go to forums like Facebook groups
  • Compile a list of possible solutions for the problem you identified in step 1 using MS Word
  • Put together the solutions in a book manner, like, include chapters, subheadings.
  • Design the cover and change the document into PDF

This may the simplest way of writing an ebook, but you get the idea. Writing an ebook is the ultimate money-making machine. The profits margin is 100% and best of all, you don’t share it with anyone.

One thing though:

Make sure whatever you are writing about makes sense. You can write an ebook about how to clean a house, no one is going to buy that.

  1. Open an online shop

An online shop allows you to sell physical products right from your website. All you have to do is add a shop section to the website.

Lucky for you, no need to code or higher expensive web designer.

There are several free shopping cart tools you can install. One of the best is Woocommerce. It is simple and straightforward. Add the plugin from the repository, activate it, upload images, and you are done.

Now, the job is actually having people come and buy. It all comes down to having a winning product, that people are looking for and willing to buy.

Yes, people can be looking for a product, but not willing to buy. You need to avoid such products.

What if you don’t have your own products?

Look at the next idea.

  1. Engage in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the holy grail of making money through your website. I can’t tell you how many people make a living, I mean millions of dollars by just recommending products they already use and love.

In fact, affiliate marketing is so effective, that some people opt to do it full time. They walk, talk, sleep, and eat affiliate marketing.

Is this possible?

Yes. It is very much possible. You just need to take care of some basics:

  • Have an already engaged audience. Build trust and relationship with
  • Recommend products, not for money, but because you want to help people solve their problems. For this reason, only promote products you have used
  • Join affiliate programs in your industry. If your website is in the health niche, it is lame to promote the autos industry. It will be hard to make a sale because there is a disconnect between the audience and the product you are promoting

Successful affiliates swear by building a raving following first before thinking of promoting products.

Give people what they want and then you will get what you want.

  1. Accepting sponsored articles

Here, other websites will be paying you to display their articles on your blog. Instead of being intrusive ads, sponsored content blends in with the website naturally. That is because the ads are related to what you already talking about.

making money with a website

It is the coolest way of making money on your website.

Final thoughts

These are the top 5 most profitable and popular ways of making money through your website.

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