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How to Make Money via Affiliates in South Africa

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where affiliates earn commissions by promoting other companies’ products or services. It allows web publishers and influencers to monetize their online presence by earning from actions like sales or leads they generate for advertisers.

Affiliate networks like Awin and FlexOffers have thousands of affiliate programs by advertisers looking to reach the South African market. As an affiliate, you can pick products or services, promote them on your website, social media, YouTube channel etc. and make money from successful conversions and sales.

The most common affiliate agreement is a percentage commission on a sale or a fixed bounty for a specific action like a phone call or email sign up. Top affiliate categories in South Africa include:

  • Financial services – Insurance, forex trading, investing platforms
  • Online retail – Takealot, Yuppiechef and fashion e-commerce
  • Travel – Booking sites, travel deals and accommodation
  • Telco & Utilities – Cell phone contracts, broadband internet, electricity etc.

Affiliate marketing provides a great opportunity to monetize your audience and domain authority in South Africa. You can complement existing income streams like display ads with earnings from affiliate promotions.

Choosing a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing in South Africa

The affiliate marketing ecosystem in South Africa is thriving with active networks and mature advertiser verticals. But like any business, choosing the right niche is key to earning decent commissions and building a sustainable affiliate website.

Here are some of the most profitable affiliate niches to target in South Africa:

Financial Services

South Africa has a fast-growing financial services sector encompassing insurance, forex trading, cryptocurrencies, investing platforms and more. These generate high ticket transactions and affiliates can earn 5-15% per sale. Useful tips when promoting financial services:

  • Compare features and fees of top providers like Easy Equities, FXTM, LiteForex, etc.
  • Share tips on trading strategies, minimizing investment risks, building a portfolio
  • Write detailed reviews of the best stock brokers, crypto exchanges, savings accounts
  • Create comparisons of insurance products – home, life, travel, car insurance etc.
  • Monetize traffic with lead generation – get paid per free quote or email submit

Health & Beauty

The beauty, diet and supplements market is valued at over $3 billion in South Africa. You can earn by promoting:

  • Beauty boxes and monthly subscriptions like Fabulous Box
  • Makeup and cosmetics e-commerce shops
  • Organichealth stores and vitamin supplements like Faithful to Nature
  • Weight loss products and online coaching programs
  • Gym gear and fitness accessories from stores like Totalsports

Use How-to tutorials, product reviews, before & after pictures, and discount codes on your site.

Online Shopping & Retail

Popular affiliate programs in online shopping include:

  • Takealot – Electronics, books, home appliances, fashion and more
  • Yuppiechef – Kitchenware, home decor and outdoor furniture
  • Superbalist – Trendy fashion and designer clothing
  • Loot – Daily online deals and discounts

Promote new product launches, flash sales and seasonal offers. Write gift guides and curated recommendations using affiliate links.


The travel industry presents a huge opportunity to earn commissions in the range of 5-25% per booking. Promote:

  • Travelstart – Flights, hotels, holiday packages
  • Airbnb – Short term home rentals
  • Red Door Camps – Safari tours and overlanding

Create location specific guides, share travel tips and experiences. Highlight hidden gems, budget accommodation and local attractions.

Telco & Utilities

South Africans frequently switch cell phone networks and broadband connections to get the best deals. You can earn up to R150 per sign up.

  • New SIM-only contracts from networks like Vodacom and MTN
  • Fibre and ADSL packages from Telkom, Vumatel and others
  • Electricity and gas supply from providers across the country

Compare costs, data packages, rewards programs and more. Share tricks to optimize data usage in your niche.

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Finding Relevant Affiliate Programs to Promote in South Africa

Once you’ve selected a profitable niche, the next step is finding relevant advertiser affiliate programs that match your audience and content focus.

Here are some popular affiliate networks and direct advertisers to find affiliate programs in South Africa:

Affiliate Networks

Joining reputable affiliate networks gives you access to thousands of affiliate programs from advertisers in every niche:

  • Awin – Global affiliate network with big South African brands like Woolworths, Superbalist and more.
  • FlexOffers – Large affiliate network focused on African market.
  • – Homegrown affiliate network with South African brands.
  • Impact Radius – Global network good for software and SaaS affiliate programs.

You can browse categories, search by advertiser name, filter by GEO to find affiliate programs relevant for the South African market.

Direct Advertiser Affiliate Programs

Many leading brands also run their own direct affiliate programs:

  • Takealot – Apply for their program to earn commission on electronics, books, fashion and other products
  • Travelstart – Get affiliate commissions on flight and hotel bookings
  • – Promote their daily online deals and discounts
  • Udemy – Online courses affiliate program with high ticket sales

Check advertiser websites for affiliate program pages with details on commission rates, tracking links and reporting.

Vertical Specific Platforms

There are some niche specific affiliate platforms like:

  • ClickBank – Digital products affiliate network. Good for infoproducts, software, online courses.
  • Skimlinks – Monetize product links with their commerce content network.
  • Amazon Associates – Promote millions of products from Amazon South Africa.
  • Shareasale – Focused on fashion, beauty and lifestyle verticals.

So explore your niche and find 3-5 relevant advertisers to apply for affiliate programs with. Start building your relationships with affiliate managers.

Building an Affiliate Website to Promote Products in South Africa

An affiliate website in South Africa is your online property to promote advertiser products or services. Let’s look at some tips to build an effective affiliate site:

Choose a Good Domain Name

Pick a domain name related to your niche e.g. for a forex affiliate site or for a health affiliate blog. Include keywords in the domain which also helps with SEO.

Get Reliable Web Hosting

You’ll need fast and secure web hosting – shared or VPS hosting from popular hosts like Bluehost, Hostinger or Afrihost based in South Africa. Have backups and ensure uptime.

Install a CMS like WordPress

Use an easy CMS like WordPress to build and manage your affiliate site quickly. The wide range of templates, plugins and integrations help optimize affiliate websites.

Optimize for SEO

On-page SEO is key for earning organic traffic from Google. Use relevant keywords in titles, headers, content, image names. Write long form high quality content like reviews and guides.

Make Site Content Affiliate-Focused

Create detailed reviews of products you are promoting via affiliate links. Share tutorials, comparisons, tips related to the offerings. Curate affiliate deals and recommendations for your niche.

Insert Affiliate Links Strategically

Insert affiliate links naturally within content – text links, image banners, buttons, product galleries, price comparison boxes etc. Make sure links open in new tab to avoid losing visitors.

Build Email List with Lead Magnets

Offer lead magnets like free ebooks, cheatsheets, toolkits in your niche in exchange for visitor emails to build an email list. Send newsletters, deals, promotions and drive traffic from subscribers.

Setup Affiliate Link Tracking

Use affiliate link tracking to see which links perform best. Top platforms are Hasoffers, Post Affiliate Pro, ClickMagick, Affiliately.

Keep Testing and Optimizing

Continuously test content formats, affiliate products, promotions to maximize conversions and improve your earnings over time.

In summary, invest time in building a converting affiliate website in South Africa tailored to your niche and audience. This long term asset will help you earn commissions at scale.

Creating Valuable Content to Promote Affiliate Products in South Africa

Creating high quality, useful content is key to attracting and converting readers into customers for your affiliate promotions. Let’s look at proven content ideas and formats:

Product Reviews

In-depth product reviews are one of the best ways to provide value to readers while promoting an affiliate offer.

  • Compare the top products in your niche like web hosts, credit cards, makeup brands.
  • List pros, cons, key features, screenshots, ratings and verdict.
  • Include your affiliate link to the product for easy purchase access.
  • Use comparison tables to contrast similar products.

Recommendations / Gift Guides

Curate themed recommendations and gift ideas for occasions and seasons.

  • Best gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentines, birthdays
  • Top Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals and discounts
  • Monthly recommendations like “Hot summer buys this November”

Step-by-step Tutorials

How-to guides are useful for readers while promoting relevant affiliate products integrated into the steps:

  • Setting up a website with Bluehost hosting
  • Creating online courses with Teachable
  • Opening a forex trading account on Easy Equities
  • Using discounts and cashback on online shopping

Listicles / Best Of Roundups

Readers love list and roundup style content:

  • 5 Best travel credit cards in South Africa
  • Top 10 personal loan options this December
  • 25 Black Friday beauty and makeup deals

Include your top affiliate picks in these widely shared formats.

Coupons / Discount Alerts

Curate and share latest promo codes, discounts and deals in your niche. These are easy to create and generate clicks and conversions.

  • Cyber Monday voucher codes
  • Exclusive subscriber coupons
  • Last day flash sale alerts

Tools like Honey and CupoNation help aggregate coupon codes for your market.

Comparison Posts

Compare products, services and providers on key aspects like:

  • Credit cards – fees, rates, rewards, perks
  • Gyms – costs, locations, classes, personal training
  • Web hosts – speed, uptime, support, scalability

Drive informed purchase decisions through head-to-head comparisons.

Keep testing various content formats and use data to double down on what converts readers into customers. This will maximize your affiliate income over time.

Getting Traffic to Your Affiliate Offers and Content in South Africa

Creating great content is just the first step. You also need targeted traffic to convert that content into affiliate commissions. Here are proven tactics to drive traffic:

Optimize for Organic Search

Most searchers don’t go past the first page for keywords. So focus on these aspects:

  • Keywords Research – Identify buyer keywords and less competitive long tail variations.
  • On-page SEO – Optimize pages with keywords in titles, headers, meta descriptions, image names.
  • Site Search – Enable site search and help Google crawl new pages faster.
  • Page Speed – Improve site speed with lightweight hosting, CDN, optimized images.
  • Links – Build high quality backlinks from relevant sites over time.

This compounds to improve Domain Authority driving organic rankings and traffic.

Leverage Paid Traffic Sources

Paid ads are a fast way to test offers and scale affiliate promotions that convert:

  • Facebook Ads – Target very specific demographics and interests. Retarget website visitors.
  • Google Ads – Appear for commercial search keywords. Drive traffic to money posts.
  • Native Ads – Place sponsored posts on niche websites using Mediavine, Ezoic.
  • Influencer Marketing – Pay relevant influencers on Instagram, YouTube to promote your content.

Start with small budgets, measure ROI and scale profitable campaigns.

Promote Your Content

Actively promote your affiliate content and build your audience:

  • Share posts on social media – Facebook groups, Quora, Pinterest, Twitter.
  • Syndicate posts with blogs in your industry using Skimlinks.
  • Email marketing via Mailchimp – send latest posts, deals to subscribers.
  • Collaborate with non-competing sites in your niche for guest posts.
  • Build your brand and profile on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter.

Promotion and outreach is key especially when starting out to quickly grow traffic.

Create Diverse Affiliate Content

Have a content plan and diversify across different formats:

  • Reviews of products within your niche
  • List posts e.g. “7 Best Credit Cards in South Africa This December”
  • Step-by-step guides and tutorials
  • Deals, discounts and promo codes
  • Head-to-head product comparisons
  • Interviews with influencers in your industry
  • News related to your niche – new product launches, company news etc.

This helps acquire traffic searching for a wide range of keywords and buyer intents.

In summary, utilize both free organic and paid strategies to drive visitors to your affiliate site on an ongoing basis. Traffic is the fuel for earning commissions at scale in affiliate marketing.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from this guide on getting started with affiliate marketing in South Africa:

  • Affiliate marketing allows publishers to earn commissions by promoting brands and products. Top verticals in South Africa include finance, beauty, travel, e-commerce.
  • Do niche research and pick profitable, high potential areas for your affiliate website to focus on.
  • Find relevant advertiser affiliate programs on networks like Awin, FlexOffers and direct brands like Takealot.
  • Build an affiliate website optimized for SEO. Insert affiliate links and calls to action in helpful content formats like reviews and tutorials.
  • Promote your content proactively via social media, email marketing, guest posting and more.
  • Use affiliate link tracking to monitor performance. Continuously test and optimize content to improve conversions and earnings.
  • Leverage both free and paid traffic strategies to drive targeted visitors to your affiliate site.

With the right prep work and promotion, affiliate marketing can become a significant passive income channel for your business in South Africa.

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