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Created A Website? Here Is How To Make Money With A Website

Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 09:44 am

Making money is crucial. People are always finding ways on how to make money with a website. Starting a website is now easy. It barely takes less than 10 minutes and besides, it is also free!

Free, yes… At OLITT, creating any website is free, so is hosting and if you still low on budget; you can use the OLITT subdomain.

Imagine transacting online for free! Reaching out to people without having to spend a dime. OLITT is the best website builder that is offering to help everyone get online fast and easily.

Does a website cost money?

Yes, but however there are freemium website creators. This means you can create a free website, transact online and publish for free!

Maintaining a website is not that easy. One needs to always keep the site updated, keep checking on security, and many others.

However, all these can be taken care of by a website builder; you don’t need to pay a web designer to perform all this.

How do you create a website?

There are two ways one can create a website:

  • The freeway
  • The paid way

The freeway- this involves using site builders like OLITT to create. Site builders offer simplicity, reliability, and save cost.

One also is able to plan and implement different stages to use for the website. Besides one is accountable for their plans.

Here is how to create a website with OLITT. This is what you need to have:

  • Aim- this is the reason for creating the site, the goal behind it what one is intending to benefit or solve.
  • Name- this is what people will be seeing. It is what will sell your site; what people will be talking about. A good name should be catchy and speaks for your website.
  • Content- every website requires to be updated daily. Content is what you will be sharing with people.
  • Design- this is what how your site looks like. A good design is easily navigable and easy to use.

Of course, there are many other considerations one takes. Here is a good read on what to keep in mind when starting a website.

The paid way- here you hire someone to create for you. This means they will have to create from scratch by coding.

This method involves time schedule which means that it has to be delivered on time. However, it is not efficient when you are in rush to go live fast.

Websites are the best tools to help one reach out to people. Besides they offer flexibility and convenience.

Now you have a known how to create a website; let’s find a way on how to make money with a website.

Here is how to make money with a website:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is targeting a certain number of people to market a product or service of a certain organization. 

Through this marketing, the affiliate gets to earn a certain amount of commission. After the sales, one gets a piece of the profit.

The affiliate is divided into two:

  • CPC (cost per click)- with this you earn as per clicks, one doesn’t have to make a purchase for you to earn.
  •  CPA (cost per acquisition)- this means one has to purchase from your links for you to earn.

Linking your site with affiliate links can make you earn. So long as people get to click on the links.

Having a good website with good traffic will contribute to your success. Besides affiliate links are easy to create and track. 

2. Banner Adverts

At times ads appear annoying especially when they keep popping up.  However, these pop-ups can be adding dimes into your pocket.

Google Adsense is the best way to start with ad earning. They simply embed a code that will display relevant ads with your content.

Another way is selling ad spaces to companies; this means offering them an advertisement space on your website. 

This office space opening is negotiable; meaning you can choose the type of ads to display and the price.

3. Reviewing Products

One can make arrangements and agreements with different companies. This can be structured in pay per view and also pay per purchase.

Reviewing means giving a thumbs up on a product. Giving a piece of convincing information for people to get the reviewed products.

Startup companies will be willing to pay you for reviews. New products coming into the market also need reviewing.

It all comes to an agreement you make with the product manager. Make money by just giving an honest review.

4. Selling Online

This is another way on how to make money with a website. Selling online can be done with digital products or physical products.

Physical products hosted without a physical location. This means creating an online store.

The store can be a way of advertising different products for different organizations. It’s also a way to connect sellers to buyers.

Digital products like E-books can bring you easy cash. It is also convenient since also you can use social media platforms.

Besides, most people have a way to be online. With many trends and platforms available it easy to get in touch with people wherever. 

5. Creating an Online Course

People enjoy flexibility. An online course will bring you cash. How? Well, by providing the best courses and having a payment plan for the course.

Online courses provide flexibility, besides it allows one to set time and accessibility to the course.

The courses can be set in the form of subscriptions or pay per course. Well, get that course ready and have a payment method.

6. Posting Sponsored Posts

Sharing the sponsored posts can earn you dimes. How? It is easy since the post is paid for by the owner; as visitors of your site click the link you get an extra dime from them.

However, one ought to be careful not to post irrelevant content. Make sure the post content inline with your site.

7. Create YouTube Content

Youtube can be an extension to your website. This means using Youtube to post videos and sharing the link or embedding them into your site.

Let’s say you are talking about cars; the Youtube content can display the types of cars and other features in video form.

Youtube is easy to be monetized. However, one also needs to be careful not to infringe rights or violate laws.

Digital content is easy to create and it is also easy to make mistakes. Not to create a hoax and fake information make sure to conduct thorough research.

8. Selling your website

Well, your site has been up and running and has good traffic; but feel like change is good? Consider making money from it.

Sell it. How? Through adverts, social media; indicate the features, impressions, and the amount you are selling.

Selling a site will bring you more cash to start another business or even purchase another site.

9. Accepting Donations

Donations can be created on your site as a way to fund or support the good work you are doing.

It is easy to set up a donation. Look at a page like pexels; people provide their photos and videos for free and there is an open donation platform for everyone who wants to support them.

Making money is the goal for everyone. However, websites cost; especially in maintenance, one needs a way on how to make money with a website.

Making money with your site will save costs. This means that the website will be able to pay for its costs.

It makes sure that you don’t need to go back into your pocket to pay for your website. As we talking about websites here is a good deal.

Deal? Yes…

Truehost Africa has the best deals to keep you online. From servers, cloud backups, hosting, and many others truehost offer the best platform for you.

Truehost is also cheap and reliable. Oh, the support team is the best and always ready to help when you run into trouble. Also, remember to get started at Truehost for the best offers. All the best as you dive into money-making from a website.

Now you have insights on how to make money with a website; use the 9 recommendations and start earning now.


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