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How Bloggers Get Paid In South Africa

You might be wondering if it is too late to start a blog and get paid handsomely in 2022. Well, no it is not too late, and yes you need to start blogging awaiting payment for the good posts on your site.

This article focuses entirely on how bloggers get paid in South Africa. Through hard work and consistency in this field of blogging, your income can grow from zero to beyond six figures a month.

There are three income blogging brackets in South Africa namely:

  • Lower Bracket – It is made up of bloggers that make between 30,000R and 70,000R in their monthly income.
  • Middle Bracket – They are made up of bloggers that make between 100,000R to 300,000R monthly income.
  • High-income brackets – are bloggers that make an income that is beyond 300,000R a month.

To be in a position of blogging and getting paid in South Africa, you will need a website. In creating a website, the first thing you need is a domain of your preference and a web hosting site such as Truehost or GoDaddy.

In this article, we will look at the following:

  • Having ADs On on your blog
  • Affiliate Sales
  • Personal Products
  • Getting Sponsored Posts

Let’s go ahead and get started on how bloggers get paid in South Africa:

Having ADs On on your blog

Perhaps you have seen this as you browse through other people’s blogs. Ads either pop up or they’re on the side. Others are right in the middle of the screen and you have to close them before you can proceed with whatever you were doing.

You can agree with me that the ads are usually annoying but, it is how bloggers can make money to afford to produce high-quality content free of charge. As you can guess, it takes a lot of time and effort to produce content.

Now, there are two different ways to get ads on your blog:

a). Google Adsense 

This is an advertising program by Google where bloggers can put an ad code directly on their website. Google AdSense will fill that ad space and try to pick out the right ads for your audience. After signing up, you can get paid for the ads according to the number of viewers that your blog gets.

How  Bloggers Get Paid In South Africa

b). Mediavine

This is where you get high-quality ads compared to Google AdSense. Here, you can get a high revenue and a better user experience for your blog audience. Mediavine also handles all of the ad placements and the speeds of your blog posts.

How  Bloggers Get Paid In South Africa

Affiliate Sales

You can do affiliate sales through your blogs and that is one way how bloggers get paid in South Africa. Affiliate sales have a lot to do with you recommending a product. First, you click on that link, then go purchase the product and you will get a small percentage of that sale.

Now, it is a small percentage but it costs you nothing as you only get paid for recommending products using your blog. 

When you come across an affiliate link in someone’s blog, then chances are that blogger that you trust, really does believe in that said product. Therefore, it is advisable to always put links to products you care about and trust them 100%, because this shows that you mind your 

readers and you want to do what is in their best interest.

Affiliate sales can range from an Amazon affiliate program where you can promote any product on Amazon; 

How  Bloggers Get Paid In South Africa

To a hosting company such as Truehost for bloggers who wish to start their blog.

Whenever a client clicks on the link shared, you get a certain percentage of the overall sale of the product or service offered.

You can also be an affiliate for things like courses. When you have connections with people who teach certain courses, you can recommend it to someone else and get a commission for doing just that.

Digital Products

How  Bloggers Get Paid In South Africa

This is also how bloggers get paid in South Africa. 

A lot of bloggers have their products such as e-books, published books, and full video courses among others.

Bloggers create courses that are usually for something that they know that their viewers and their readers want to learn. 

For example, you can create a course around something you are passionate about.

And besides making you money, the course can also position you as an authority within your niche.

When people start learning new things through your blog posts, they get to know and trust the information you are giving them.

Doing this can take an enormous amount of time to make and post it. Therefore, you can charge your reader or your viewer to sign up for your courses and make a lot of money doing this.

Yes, selling digital products can be a lucrative venture as a blogger here in South Africa.

A warning though:

Get to it with a mind to provide value. No one wants to buy crappy courses or e-books. Make sure whatever you are selling is helping the reader get better.

Getting Sponsored Posts

How  Bloggers Get Paid In South Africa

A sponsored post is when a brand wants to work with a blogger or an influencer to promote their product, review and talk about their product, and get paid per post.

The payment can be anywhere from a free product when you are starting, all the way to many thousands of dollars per post.

You may not want to overdo the posts with your viewership because you do not want to look like a walking billboard. So, pick them wisely because it is a fantastic way to add to your monthly income from your blog.

To get sponsored posts, you can contact the brand directly or get contacted by them. You can also work with a network that sponsors products. For example; Social Fabric works as a middle man to negotiate with brands and then connect them with bloggers who put on their websites.

Getting sponsored posts is very competitive. Therefore, you should take time in your application so that you can get hired and get paid as a blogger in South Africa.

Final Thoughts

Many people find blogging as a simple means to get paid but it takes a lot more than just posting. It has a lot to do with maximizing your effort in sharing your knowledge. And then monetizing it through digital products, being an affiliate, and getting sponsored posts on your blog. That is how bloggers get paid in South Africa.

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