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Best Domain Name Generators: Top 5 Free Tools

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 10:05 am

Do you want the best domain name but stuck and don’t know how to get it? In this article, you will learn about a hustle free way of generating websites’ names without many headaches. We are talking about the best domain name generators.

What is a domain name generator?

The domain name generator is a very important tool that helps you generate hundreds of website name ideas. All you have to do is input a seed keyword, hit generate, and you are good to go.

As you already know, a domain name is like a brand. And you will be stuck with it for a very long time. As such, it should be short, catchy, easy to remember, and most importantly, should be available.

What does that mean?

You see, today more than ever, people are registering website names in thousands per day. As a result, there is a high chance that your website name if not already taken, will be very soon.

How does the website name generator work?

Say you want your website to include words like ‘car’, ‘fast’, ‘luxury.’ Well, you could create a combination of the three words and end up with a domain name like

Can you see what is wrong with such a name?

First of all, it is long and not memorable.

Second, it carries no meaning at all. Just generic.

So what do you do?

That is where the domain name generator comes in. Just feed it with the keywords you already have and let the search begin. Once you do that, you also specify whether you want a .com,, .org, or .net extension. It all depends on your needs.

Once you feed the necessary ingredients, the generator algorithm goes into search mode, combining the keywords, adding a suffix or a prefix here, and so on.

When it is done, your job is to pick the one you like from the list.

Here are some tips you should follow to make sure that you actually pick the right website name for you.

  • Pick the shorter domain name – they are easy to type and remember
  • Consider the domain extension – there are popular ones like .com, .net, and .org. But think about your line of business. For example, if your business will serve users from ZA, go with the domain name. If you are an online store, .store extension could be the best
  • Go with the most catchy names – easy to remember because they actually stick on the mind
  • Avoid ones with hyphens and numbers – such names will cause you problems

Having said that, here are 5 best domain name generators you can try them now.

5 best domain name generators

  1. BizNameWiz


I consider it one of the best domain name generators.

All you have to do is enter the keyword and hit generate. Once you get the results, you can filter them based on the industry, specify the character count (remember we said the best website name should be 6-14 characters long), and also adjust to get one word or two-words domain name

  1. NameCheap

best domain name generators

NameCheap allows you to generate website names for free, thanks to its Beast Mode tool.

Once you are on their website, click on Beast Mode, and then add up to 5000 keywords, select preferred TLD (extensions), pick the category, and specify if you want to see the unavailable ones.

  1. Shopify Business Name Generator

best domain name generators

Shopify is an e-commerce site. But what you don’t know is that they have a very powerful business name generator available free of charge.

Although it may sound like you are looking for a business name, this tool actually gives you domain name suggestions, thus making to our list of best domain name generators you can try.

  1. NameBoy


Nameboy calls themselves the best domain name generator. It is easy to see why.

It is the oldest and most popular domain name generator in the world. Here, you can search for new business name ideas and get the website name instantly (before someone else does).

  1. Lean Domain Search


Lean Domain Search is a great tool you can use to come up with website ideas in seconds.

Just type the keyword into the search box and have a ton of ideas within no time.

Final thoughts

I have given you 5 best domain name generators. These aren’t all of them, but they should help you pick the best website name. And once you do, come back and start registering the website name.

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