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11 Best Business Ideas for Women in South Africa

Last updated on May 19th, 2022 at 10:16 am

South Africa is bestowed with the resources and markets for women in business to thrive. In this article, you will get to learn about the 11 best business ideas for women in South Africa. 

Many women have the desire to be rich but the question is, are you willing to sacrifice to successfully invest in a business?

South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) value represents 0.27 per cent of the worldwide economy despite the external and domestic challenges. 

This is according to the official data from the World Bank. So, this is the perfect time to do business for women desiring to be rich in the republic of South Africa.

These are 11 Business Ideas that are very lucrative  for women to venture into awaiting success:

Planning Events

There is an increased demand for event planners across various cities in South Africa. From parties to corporate events, the opportunities available for event planners are endless. 

In the event planning sector, not only will you need a strong team to help you reach higher heights, but you will also require the right planning, infrastructure, and solid communication skills. 

In South Africa, a business idea for women such as planning events, for instance, high profile weddings, private parties, and corporate events pay the highest.

It may be a while before you get the desired clients to notice your brand and trust it but remember, all successful businesses have humble beginnings. Once that happens, you will be building a business empire and taking South Africa’s event sector hostage.


Agribusiness is among the best business ideas for women in South Africa as there is an increased demand for agricultural produce within the country and overseas. Some of the lucrative businesses in agriculture include beekeeping, dairy farming, poultry farming, rabbit rearing, and pig farming.

See, the good thing about pursuing agribusiness as a woman in South Africa is that you can start small. You will however need to do your research accurately by ensuring you identify your target market and find the necessary resources to run your agribusiness successfully. 

Cleaning and Laundry Services

As a woman, it is much easier to pursue both the cleaning and laundry business because there is an increase in demand for professional cleaners in South Africa. 

The need for residential cleaning services is greater than ever. This is because many homeowners in South Africa do not have the time to clean their homes.

As a result, they resort to hiring professional cleaners. The same homeowners do not have the time to do laundry and they would prefer to pay someone else to do it. 

While this is considered the smallest business sector, it is the most promising for women investors in South Africa.

Car Rental Business

The local car industry is becoming prominent as the property rental sector. Today, so many car rental businesses are coming up in South Africa and there is still room for women to venture in. Car-sharing services are mostly offered in airports, funerals, weddings, businesses, and leisure tours. 

The secret is to pick a suitable sub-category and brand your business to stay in demand. You can easily begin with one or two cars as the business grows gradually and steadily.

Delivery Services

Given that the majority of South Africans do not have time to do laundry, they also do not have the time to go to shops and get groceries. Others would prefer to stay indoors because of their old age or medical conditions or other reasons not mentioned. 

Instead of preparing meals at home or going to the nearest food joints, some prefer to have them delivered to their doorstep.

Although there are many food delivery services in South Africa, they still cannot meet the ever-rising demand.

Locals also want parcels delivered across the country at affordable rates and therefore, women in this field of delivery service can prove to be of great help to them.

Vegan Food Business

Vegan food joints are common around the world in Europe but not so much in Africa. Given the fact that many Europeans visit South Africa regularly, a good number of them would wish to dine at vegan restaurants. 

There are indeed major vegan joints in some South African towns but they all have one thing in common, they are always jam-packed. And so, women pursuing this business idea should notice that the supply is not enough to meet the demand. 

The secret is to keep things simple. Consider having breakfast alone or maybe lunch and can also integrate online orders and deliver vegan foods to locals who order online via their phones. 

Local Touring Services

South Africa is a major tourist attraction in Africa. Although there are many tour operators in the country, they have not explored all the subcategories. There is so much to explore including photograph expeditions and local town day tours. 

Foreigners who land in South Africa want someone knowledgeable and friendly to take them around. Who else is the best fit for this than a woman tour guide?

We have international students taking tours. This means more opportunities for local touring services. 

Solar Business

Given the fact that women nowadays are knowledgeable and well educated in fields that men have so long dominated, solar business is one business idea for women looking forward to success.

Many homes and businesses want to be off the grid since they can avoid power outages and expensive power costs. 

The government of South Africa is also supportive of the idea of making it easier for investors and solar companies.

Restaurant Business

As a woman who is best at cooking meals, you may want to venture into cooking to earn a living. This will require you to cook great meals and have your customers eat them or take them away. 

The business can go a long way in making a profit if you consider feeding a larger crowd outside the restaurant. This might also entail that you travel from place to place to cater for corporate or informal events.

Above all, the idea is to be able to give your consumers the best.

Makeup Artistry

 Starting a makeup business requires one to be very passionate about it. 

Much more than being a makeup artist, you may also venture into the sales of makeup products. Women can easily fit in taking part in this business as they are best equipped in rendering this service.

Online  Boutique Business

This kind of business would be much more suitable for women in South Africa. 

A boutique business entails the selling of clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories with the help of an internet connection. 

An attractive website will give you the upper hand in attracting many people.

You can also opt to have a physical fashion store boutique by first buying goods and having them displayed and sold.

Additionally, consider buying directly from the manufacturer and then selling them to clients in South Africa.


The 11 business ideas mentioned here are far more reputable for women in South Africa as they can put food on the table and can make you rich at the same time. 

However, don’t take my word for it, you must research before you dive into any of these ventures.

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