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#1 Best Afrihost Web Hosting Alternative You Don’t Know About

Last updated on July 8th, 2021 at 10:34 am

We all use and visit websites daily. For that website to be live it needs hosting. Afrihost web hosting is a reliable service provider.

What is Afrihost Web Hosting?

It’s a web hosting and domain registrar company and other internet services. Afrihost Web hosting makes sure one gets their ideas online easily.

Afrihost is based in South Africa. An Internet hosting company is a business that offers to rent server space on the internet or just provide a domain registration facility.

It caters to most of the needs of both webmasters and web design companies. They can assure their clients will have what they need to get their tasks accomplished.

The domain authorities are some of the best that you can find in South Africa and the web hosting packages are not too expensive.

Afrihost web hosting

History of Afrihost

Afrihost is certainly one of the best online service providers in South Africa. It provides internet solutions for both home users and businesses alike. 

Their business strategy has been to invest heavily in its network infrastructure, which allows it to offer its service at very competitive prices. 

The company prides itself on the fact that it is a 100% South African company. It’s therefore committed to ensuring that they play a vital role in assisting the development of this country.

The company offers clients hosting services using Linux servers. All of its web hosting plans are backed by high-performance servers with unlimited monthly bandwidth.

Such advancements make it possible to handle large traffic volumes on these sites. The plan also includes free email accounts, many tools for improving your website’s search engine rankings, FTP access, and more.

They also have top-level security features including daily backup of your account information for peace of mind. They also have firewalls that will protect you against all manner of potential hacking attempts.

Afrihost web hosting provides you with all the resources you need to take your idea online. Web hosting is the service that allows you to put your ideas online.

It makes sure many can access your website, transact, and more. One needs web hosting to conduct transactions freely.

Why use web hosting?

To have control

Get to decide how to utilize your resources, tweak settings, access methods, and more. Make your site secure and faster.

Besides, it’s easy to fix your website issues. One get’s to configure how things run.

To get secure storage

Hosting provides you with storage that is not restricted to what data they can store. This means that you can keep your files safe.

Also, there are many methods of securing it. Decide how you will utilize the storage for both your website and your other data.

Customization Options

Having your own hosting means that you have freedom. Add, remove and make changes to your data, security features, files, and more.

One chooses to configure the server to their own liking.

There is more to using web hosting. Well, now that we know about web hosting let’s dive into the best alternative to Afrihost and how they compare.

Truehost Africa

It’s a web hosting and domain registrar company. Truehost offers the best affordable plans for everyone to startup and grows their startups.

Truehost AfricaTruehost has value for its clients and has different plans including free options. Here is what Truehost Africa also provides:

The pros and cons of Truehost Africa


  • Reliable- their services are always available and handle customer issues fast.
  • Affordable- they have customized plans for all. Besides they also have free plans.
  • Secure- provide extra security for the services they offer like SSL certificates.


  • The free plan is only 30 days.

Afrihost vs TrueHost Africa



ProductAfrihostTruehost Africa
Web HostingWindows Web Hosting
  • Silver Home- R89/Month
  • Gold Home- R109/Month

Reseller hosting

  • R510/month
Silver SSD Hosting-  R50/Month

Gold SSD Hosting- R70.54/Month

Reseller hosting

  • R230/month cheapest! R220

.org- R280

.net- R270

.com- R100

.org- R157

.net- R127


Truehost Africa is more affordable as compared to Afrihost. Makes it easy for everyone to take their ideas online and share them with everyone fast.

Truehost on the other hand offers free hosting for a month. It gives everyone a chance to startup and upgrade as the business grows.

Features and products

When it comes to products and features Afrihost takes the lead. It’s expensive but it does come with a ton of options one can choose from.

Well, Truehost Africa boasts of having the best-customized plans. The case of shared hosting in Afrihost comes with:

  • Bronze Home and Bronze Pro
  • Silver Home and Silver Pro
  • Gold Home and Gold Pro
  • Platinum Home and Platinum Pro

Truehost Africa has the 4 plans only.  Afrihost Web Hosting offers more plans to guarantee your business success and growth.

Customer Support

Truehost Africa has 24/7 customer service. It’s reliable and always ready to help everyone in case of any issues that arise.

Both Truehost Africa and Afrihost web hosting have a support ticket system, email, or telephone, live chat, and WhatsApp line.

They both take support and clients’ issues seriously. It’s a tie for both since they all provide quality support for their clients.

To add to this they have articles and tutorials on how to use their services. Make sure that you get all the help you need when you run into issues.

Other alternatives to Afrihost web hosting

There many web hosting service providers one can choose from.

However, before choosing one, one needs to consider the following:

  • Cost- how much are you paying? Is it affordable? Well, once you answer these it makes it easy.
  • Features- what are getting from the host? Are they sorting all your needs? A good web host needs to provide all for you.
  • Support- how is their customer service? Do they respond immediately or take time? Consider this before diving into a host.
  • Reliability- how long are their services online? Are there downtimes? 

Well, there is a lot to consider before getting the best host. Afrihost web hosting and Truehost Africa are making it easy to go live instantly.


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