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How To Make Extra Money In South Africa

If you are looking for how to make extra money in South Africa, now is the best time. Having an extra source of income saves you a lot!

Money is scarce and we need more to sustain our livelihood. The pandemic hit us hard and many lost their sources of income; if they had a side job things wouldn’t be the same.

Everyone desires to have financial freedom. At times the regular job isn’t enough but side hustles will help you earn and finance your needs and wants.

5 Things you need to earn extra money in South Africa

1. Time

Just like money, time also is a scarce resource. One needs to find a way in which they can profit from the little they have. 

However, if you are proficient in time management this will be easy. Make plans on when to complete different events.

Make time for your job and the side job you are to take. Plan ahead and manage your time wisely and the rewards will be amazing.

2. Skills

This is what you complete tasks with. What kind of jobs can you handle? They are the driving force that supports the work.

We all have different skills, they can be capitalized and rewards are handsome. Sharpen your skills and start earning today.

Venture into work that will make extra money in South Africa by utilizing your skillset. 

3. Platform

Where are you going to put your skills to the test? A platform also is where you sell yourself and offer services. There are many ready platforms like Upwork you can start with.

Find out about different platforms and how they will help you earn extra coins without compromising your job. 

Also, be careful not to fall victim to fraud or Identity theft. Ensure you work with verified accounts and service providers.

4. Resources

What do you need to start? Is a phone enough or do you need a laptop too? How about an internet connection? Well, these are just a few necessary tools to use.

Some jobs will require a few tools while others will need more than one to manage. It’s up to you to find which works for you and doesn’t incur your costs.

5. Consistency

How often will you work? Do you just work when you don’t have money? Consistency is a good way to improve your side job and help you earn more.

Making something a habit also ensures that you know what to work on and when. Time and other resources are spared and work will always be met with satisfaction.

Have the will to commit as it will help your hustle grow.

Is it risky having a side job?

No, on the contrary, it’s rewarding. However, some jobs take too much time and energy to a point that it’s hard to have a side job. 

But with good plans, one can change their situation and start earning handsomely. Side jobs can be done after work or scheduled on weekends or non-workdays. 

The goal is to earn extra money and improve your life without depending on one job. Besides, with a side job you can sort urgent bills instantly and in cases of late payments.

It’s best to find a gig that doesn’t interfere with your regular job. Also, create a schedule to manage the jobs and ensure to put in effort in both. 

How To Make Extra Money In South Africa

To make extra money in South Africa is easy, here are some jobs to start on. With these jobs, you can work on a regular job also.

1. Affiliate marketing

It’s being a middle man who offers to help sell products for someone else. You earn by referring clients to the seller; earn a commission from complete sales.

This job is lucrative and doesn’t require much to start. This means you can do it through your phone.

Start by signing up on different platforms that offer affiliate programs. Get a link that will have you earning from the comfort of your sofa.

Sites like Amazon, Jumia, and Ali Baba are places to start and each platform is different when it comes to payment.

2. Sell pre-owned items

We often shop for things we need, at times we end up not using them or needing them. Well, these things can earn you instead of piling up in the house.

One’s trash can be another person’s treasure, capitalize on them. Don’t throw away that gem, you’d be surprised how many people are interested in buying it.

Owned items will depreciate but will earn you a coin more than thrown away goodies. Tell people about your items and negotiate on how best they should pay you.

Bidorbuy and Facebook marketplace are good places to sell your goods. Different items will sell at different prices, don’t be discouraged at the end you will end up with an extra coin.

3. Take online surveys

They are information filling tests and questionnaires. Mostly they take 10 or fewer minutes and you are set up to earn rewards.

With surveys, you can make extra money in South Africa without interfering with your job schedule.  They don’t take much time; allocate time during the day, the morning before, or even in the evening.  

Besides, they are often based on general knowledge and life experiences. Completing them is easy as they can be done through a phone. 

Take surveys today and start earning. Enjoy having an extra income from filling out surveys in a few minutes! A simple survey can earn you R 2,225 or more.

Sites like Ysense, Survey yeah, and others will have you earning lucratively.

4. Become a social media manager

Today almost everyone knows and uses social media. It’s a great channel to share memories, communicate, sell, and more.

It’s easily accessible and this is why there have come up jobs managing. In this job you are to ensure that the page runs smoothly.

Communicate, share and deliver tasks as per the owner’s wants. This job pays and can be done remotely. It’s even convenient as one can schedule posts and they post instantly. 

A social media manager can earn R2000 per page. As it isn’t a hard job you can manage many clients and keep money flowing along with good results.

5. Freelance writing

It’s another way to make extra money in South Africa. Content is the most sought-after dime by everyone as from it,  stories are told, products are advertised, information is shared, and much more.

Writers take time to craft content that is engaging and delivers a message to the readers. They ensure to communicate and provide you with all you need to know.

To become a proficient writer one needs to read and practice often. This sharpens your skills and helps you uniquely tackle content. 

You can earn R250 per article as a newbie and later R2000 as an experienced writer. Platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr are available for freelance writer jobs. 

These sites are secure and once a job is completed your payment is received. 

6. Start a blog

A blog is simply a diary where you can share opinions and thoughts. You can also write stories and experiences and share them with people. 

Unlike the old days when the internet was unavailable and expensive, today it’s easy to read anything rather than buy.

People enjoy using their devices to read, share experiences and connect, and with a blog, you will capture their attention. A blog needs captivating content with alluring headings.

The story needs to convey a message, and experience uniquely! Don’t be a copycat; personal experiences will have consumers glued and always ready to read.

Earning from a blog however takes some time, but the rewards are amazing. There is no limit to what you can earn from your blog and by placing adverts on your page rewards are a step away.

Google ads, Mediavine, and PropellerAds will have you earning from the traffic and click rates.

7. Sell digital products

Thanks to technology one can earn extra money in South Africa by just using a phone or laptop. Digital products are those products that can be shared online. 

Selling digital products such as music, and ebooks are easy and don’t need technical skills. As the seller, you decide on how best to close a deal.

It’s a simple side hustle that will get you earning with ease. Earnings are dependent on different products. 

The sales can be done on social media and other media channels.

8. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is a popular entertainment channel and it can earn you extra money in South Africa. Once you create an email on Google you are eligible for a YouTube channel.

Today millions are earning from YouTube by doing what they love. To earn, however, you need to have more than 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 views. 

With amazing content, all these can be achieved easily. Earn up to R 45.00 – R 75.00 per 1000 views, this is without putting into the count of sponsored posts. 

You can promote your videos with social media and blogs where people can view them with ease. You need, however, to create engaging content that will keep clients coming back often. 

It’s never too late to get started on YouTube!

9. Become a tutor online 

Every day people are looking for skills in a particular principle. With the right skill set, you can be their guide and profit from it. 

With tutoring, you share your knowledge and experiences. Today many are seeking experienced individuals to show them workarounds of different things. 

You can choose how and when to tutor your clients. The payment rates are from R150.00 to over R 750.00 per hour for just sharing knowledge. 

Sites like Udemy, Chegg Tutors, and TutorMe will help you tutor others and earn you handsomely.

Sum up;

This is a simple guide on how to make extra money in South Africa. Use the above recommendations to get started today. 

Earning an extra dime will help you grow and improve your livelihood. Choose the right job that doesn’t inconvenience you and get earnings as you work. 

There are many platforms ready to assist you to earn extra money in South Africa. Get started today and enjoy financial freedom.

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