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Forget Afrihost Website Builder: 3 Replacements You Need to Jump On

In this article, we’ll talk about the Afrihost website builder. Each day technology is advancing and people are always finding new ways of handling things.

Technology has helped ease a lot of things. It’s also become home to the best things, services, and product delivery. Also has given all power to startups and grows their ideas.

It has provided access and convenience for everyone. However, technology also has opened doors to malicious people who are using it to destroy lives.

Everyone should be careful when transacting online. One should take security measures keenly and never ignore issues about online safety. These days everything is possible with just a keystroke.

Different technology trends have saved many; when it comes to websites, website builders come in, They have helped many build the best sites without any experience.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a tool that eliminates the process of coding and web design and helps everyone create any website by drag and drop.

It’s an application that eases website creation. This means that everyone can create any website fast and easily without the need of learning to code or web design skills.

So no more hiring people to create a website for you.  Get a chance to decide what design best fits your website and no need to start from scratch!

A website builder provides:

  • Templates- these are the designs created for you to use and create a website with.
  • Ease of use- enables everyone to create any website easily.
  • Cost and time saver- creation is free and besides you can do it in minutes,
  • Security- your files are safely stored on secure web servers.

A website builder provides more than these. It has helped many come up with the best websites and keep transacting online safely and at ease.

There are many website builders today but we’ll be talking more about Afrihost website builder.

Afrihost website builder

Afrihost is a South African-based company for internet-based services. They help people establish their online presence and enable them to keep transacting at ease.

Some of the services Afrihost provides:

  • Fibre
  • LTE
  • DSL
  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • And more.

Afrihost website builderThe site builder on the other hand helps you create stunning sites fast. Here are the features of the Afrihost website builder:

  • Responsiveness- the templates have been designed for any device, any website you create will look stunning on every device.
  • More tools-  Afrihost provides the best widgets and other t tools you can use to customize your website.
  • Flexibility- create and publish any website with just a click of a button.
  • One-click publishes- no more file uploads; create, edit and publish your sites with just a click of a button.
  • Ease of use- with just a drag and drop create any website fast.
  • Cpanel integration- manage your websites with an easy-to-use Cpanel.

Afrihost has a lot to offer; it’s handing everyone the power to take their ideas online and keep progressing and make it with ease.

With Afrihost everyone becomes a developer. With a simple drag and drop, one can create, edit and publish any website with ease.

How it works?

Afrihost uses the drag and drop tool to create a website. Once you sign up with Linux shared plans one can easily access the Afrihost website builder.

The process is simple:

  1. Sign up on Afrihost and purchase a Linux shared plan. This will help you have a place to store your website and other important components.
  2. Access the website builder platform from the control panel or use the templates.
  3. Choose the right template for your website.
  4. Start editing and add content.
  5. Publish your website and people can have access to it.

Many site builders help people create websites by providing hosting and subdomains. They also have some plans for the same at affordable pricing.

Domains are the names people use to access your website. Hosting simply is the secure storage space for your website files.

Alternatives of Afrihost website builder


This is a free website builder. OLITT helps everyone create stunning websites with just a drag and drop, in less than 10 minutes you can have your site live.

It is developed with the best technology stack that is secure and easy to use. With OLITT one gets more than just a website builder, Here is what OLITT offers:

  • Domains
  • Web hosting
  • Web security
  • Free and paid website plans.

OLITT Features

1. Security

OLITT uses the latest technology stack that means that one is safe online. Their servers are also fast which means your clients will always be satisfied with the service you provide.

Security is a major threat when it comes to websites and online systems. Any vulnerabilities can cost you when someone malicious exploits them.

OLITT is developed with the best technical standards that ensure your presence is safe, easy, and convenient. Transact through your website securely without fear.

2. Integrations

As we forget about coding and web design skills, OLITT eases transactions for you. Secure your payment plans with pre-built integrations of payment gateways.

That’s not all; OLITT also allows you to connect feedback and email collection plans. In addition, there are other tools such as Custom Code, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Tawkto Livechat, Intercom, and a Global CDN Network.

OLITT eases your transactions and web presence creation. It makes it very easy for everyone to create and manage their online presence securely.

3. Ease of use

With OLITT everyone is a developer. By just a drag and drop one can create any website fast and transact online safely.

They have the best user interface that is responsive and easy to use. They eliminate the process of coding and design by providing the best tools.

Everyone can create stunning sites in less than 10 minutes. Use them to grow their online presence and conduct transactions at ease.

OLITT has saved everyone from the hassle of website building. It has made it easy for everyone to create any website and transact conveniently.

4. Free tools

Creating a website on OLITT is free! Apart from creation OLITT also offers the following for free:

  • Free domain for a year,
  • Free hosting
  • SSL
  • Domain management

OLITT makes it easy for you to transact online at ease. It makes sure everyone establishes and grows their online presence at ease,

There is a lot more that OLITT offers to everyone creating an online presence. It also makes it easy for everyone to stand out and be unique online.

5. Plans:

OLITT has two plans:

  • The free plan with access to the best tools for your online presence.
  • The paid plan has all-inclusive free plan tools and more.

2. Wix

This is another popular website builder platform. Wix has been around for a while and has many clients all over the world. 

It has managed to become the best site builder trusted by many. Wix’s popularity has come up due to the ease of use and security features it provides.

Wix website builderWix also provides the following:

  • Domains
  • Hosting 
  • SSL
  • And more.


1. Pricing

Wix plans are pocket-friendly; for as low as $4.50 one can create stunning sites and transact online securely. It offers more than just the website builder.

Wix also gives you 14 days trial that you can use and create a site before planning to upgrade for more features and tools.

2. Support

The customer support is reliable at all times. One can reach them through emails, chats, and calls. Whenever you run into issues they are ready to help you solve them.

They also have a blog from which one can get more information on different tools and using Wix. It has a community that is readily available to support you.

Wix ensures that its clients have a smooth transaction. It makes sure that everyone is able to share and grow their ideas hassle-free.

3. Wix editor

Their editor is easy to use. This means that one can create any website at ease; you don’t need special skills to have a stunning site.

The editor uses drag and drop technology. One simply moves elements to the desired place and publishes their website that simply.

Everyone becomes a developer and can create any site fast and easily. Wix is enabling everyone to have the best online presence at ease.

4. Compatibility

All websites created with Wix look amazing on any device. Wix makes sure everyone has access to your website from any device they use.

One isn’t worried when creating a website instead one is focused on how to make the best site. This property makes Wix stand out.

 Everyone values a responsive website. It’s easy to transact with convenience and one can do it from any device at any instance.

Check out more about Wix here.

3. GoDaddy

This is another Afrihost website builder alternative. GoDaddy platform is simple and interactive; everyone is able to create and go live instantly.

GoDaddy also is popular for the best services it provides. It has also been around for two decades and their services keep improving.

GoDaddy Features

1. Ease of use

GoDaddy uses drag and drop to create websites. Once one has signed up for GoDaddy it becomes easy to create an online presence.

No more coding and design skills are needed. With GoDaddy, one can create stunning sites and get transacting without hassle.

2. Secure

GoDaddy ensures that all clients are protected. All your online presence is safeguarded by GoDaddy with its advanced security systems.

It makes sure that everyone transacts online without issues. Besides they also have web security features that one can use to safeguard their sites,

3. Support

Their customer support team is readily available and helps everyone launch their online presence easily. Their blog section also is equipped with material that can help solve issues.

Get to reach out to their support team via email, calls, chats, and more. GoDaddy offers to help everyone create an online presence fast.

There are many website builders available to use instead of Afrihost website builder. However, everyone has different plans in mind before choosing a website builder.

Website builders are the best tools to use to create an online presence. They save a lot and create convenience for all your online transactions.

Technology is advancing and people need the best tools to keep up. Websites are the best platforms to grow and reach out to many all over the world easily.


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