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How To Get Started With Godaddy Reseller In South Africa

In this blog post, we will be looking at how to get started as a Godaddy reseller in South Africa. You want to start a business and you’ve decided that reseller hosting is the perfect solution for your needs. You know it well, but you need help in figuring out where to go next. 

That’s why we’re here! Our guide will take you step by step through the process of setting up your own reseller hosting company so that anyone can do it, even if they have no experience whatsoever. 

1) Decide on a niche 

It may seem like an obvious decision, but many people don’t really think about their niche until after they’ve already set up their server and website. 

The key thing to remember when deciding what niche you’re going into is that there is usually not enough demand for one person to maintain an entire server. 

The niche here is what industry will you be serving with your web hosting company in South Africa?

It is necessary to be clear with this unless you want to look like everyone else, which also means stiff competition.

For example;

You can decide to start a company that will serve those seeking to start their first blog.

That should be easy considering there are less techy and demand less as well.

2). Register your business

If you wish to run it as a business in the coming future, I’d suggest you follow regulations on how to register a business here in South Africa.

That means you will need a domain name of course, and that should reflect the name of your business.

Once that is done, go ahead and obtain the necessary licenses you will need.

2) Get a reseller host 

Once you have decided on the target market and registered a legit business, your next move is to find a web hosting reseller in South Africa.

There are many hosts that offer reseller hosting, but it is important to choose one with reliability and great customer service. 

You don’t want your business to suffer because of slow or unresponsive support! 

We recommend choosing you to go with our reseller hosting in South Africa because of its affordability and ease of use.

But today, we will be looking at Godaddy reseller in South Africa.

Who is Godaddy?

Godaddy is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company. It’s one of the largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrars in the world, currently managing over 42 million .com domains under its purview. 

Godaddy in South Africa offers a wide range of products to help you build your website including shared hosting plans that are perfect for small business websites at very affordable prices as well as dedicated server packages. 

The latter can be purchased on their own or with managed services which include additional expert support options such as 24/365 monitoring and maintenance plans that reduce downtime considerably through automatic restarts if they experience errors during peak hacking hours (something any website administrator should prioritize).

Godaddy Reseller program in South Africa

Godaddy reseller program is a great way to start your own web hosting company. 

It offers you the opportunity to purchase, manage and resell Godaddy’s wide range of products under your own brand or name at profit margins that are comparable to any other similar service providers in the industry. 

What does being an authorized GoDaddy reseller in South Africa mean?

As an authorized reseller for Godaddy in South Africa, you will have access to their entire product line including managed services with 24/365 support options.

This helps reduce downtime considerably through automated restarts if they face errors during peak hours (which should be a top priority for every website administrator). 

You can also take advantage of their exclusive promotions when using them as a share in all future revenue generated by the new accounts you bring on board.

Godaddy reseller in South Africa: Products

As a reseller, you have a wide variety of products to choose from.

These include;

  • Domain Names – Sell any of their hundreds of new domains, including .ninja, .xyz, and more.
  • Web Hosting – Hosting that’s lightning-fast and packed with features.
  • Business-Grade Email 
  • SSL Certificates – Keep sites safe, sound, and 100% secure with the strongest encryption out there.
  • Website Security Powered by Sucuri – Protection from malware, hacking, and more.
  • Managed WordPress – Hosting made specifically for WordPress, minus the stress.

Why choose Godaddy in South Africa?

What are the benefits of working as a Godaddy reseller in South Africa?

a). Build your online storefront.

You will build your own store.

This means customizations among other stuff.

Your store should look like it’s yours. Create a storefront that looks like your business.

b). Set your own prices.

As a Godaddy reseller in South Africa, you don’t just get a commission, you set your own margins and price products your way.

c). Godaddy handles payments.

Once your store is up and running, you won’t have to worry about payments.

You can use Godaddy’s systems to process all payments.

d). 24/7 award-winning support.

Run into some challenges?

As a Godaddy reseller in South Africa, you will have access to a multilingual team dedicated to helping you succeed. 

They also offer white-label, English-only support for your customers.

Godaddy reseller cost in South Africa

You can get started from as low as R531.99 per month and this package gives you access to 2 CPUs, 4 GB of RAM, and 90 GB of storage space.

Other plans include;


R652.15 per monthR858.15 per monthR1184.21 per month
3 CPUs4 CPUs4 CPUs


All of Godaddy’s reseller hosting programs include;

  • Free integrated WHMCS license.
  • Free cPanel/WHM.
  • Up to 250 white-labeled ready accounts.
  • Unlimited websites and databases.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Expert 24/7 customer support.

The best alternative to Godaddy reseller in South Africa

How would you like to get started with your own web hosting company in South Africa?

Well, you can have 50 GB SSD disk space, 50 cPanel accounts, cPanel/WHM among other perks for as low as R239 per month!

Go here to learn more about reseller hosting in South Africa.

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