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How To Design A Beautiful WordPress Site In South Africa

Last updated on November 3rd, 2022 at 09:42 am

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder. It hosts over 39% of all websites on the internet. 

According to Hetzner online, a leading web hosting company in south Africa, WordPress powers 79.44% of the country’s websites. When it comes to web development in South Africa, it rules the roost.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that makes creating and managing websites simple.

Reasons why WordPress is popular in South Africa.

1). WordPress is free

WordPress is open-source software that is completely free to download, install, to use. You will however need to pay for web hosting as well as a domain name. You’ll also have to pay for additional plugins that enhance your website’s functionality.

2). SEO friendly

To rank higher in search engines, a website must be able to provide a great user experience, fast loading times, mobile friendliness, and other factors. Using a WordPress website is an added benefit because they tend to rank higher in google search engines than others.

3). Adaptable

WordPress is adaptable because it can be used for a variety of websites. You can extend the functionality of WordPress to create an extremely advanced site that does all sorts of cool things. You can also make changes to make it exactly what you want.

4). Ease of use.

WordPress is a beginner-friendly website builder because it is easy to use. It does not require any coding knowledge or advanced design skills to create a website. It’s something that anyone can do. It also has drag-and-drop website builders that can do almost anything for you.

5). Countless plugins

A plugin is a software add-on that is installed on a program to enhance its functionality. There are plugins for almost everything that you can install in WordPress. They can be either free or paid, for both get the job done. However, most of the time, paid plugins are worthwhile investments.

6). Reliable 

WordPress websites are extremely reliable. With so many people using WordPress for their websites, WordPress can handle a large surge of traffic at any given time without issues. This ensures that your website continues to function properly for your visitors.

7). WordPress is safe and secure.

Maintaining a secure website is critical for protecting your user’s data, maintaining your reputation, and avoiding SEO penalties. WordPress is built with security in mind to provide a safe and secure platform for running a website. Website owners, on the other hand, should take security seriously and adhere to best practices.

Types of websites you can build with WordPress.

WordPress with all of its plugins, themes, and custom codes, can scale and be used to create any type of website.

1). Blogs website

A blog is a type of website where articles are regularly posted because WordPress has been created as a blog platform. It is always the first choice for a blogging website. Furthermore, because WordPress is SEO friendly, using it for your blogs will help your blogs rank high in search engines.

2). Portfolio websites.

A portfolio is one of a kind way to showcase your work and introduce yourself to others. Portfolios can be created using WordPress. A variety of themes and page layout tools allow you to present an appealing portfolio.

3). Ecommerce website 

In today’s modern world most businesses have an online store, necessitating the need for an eCommerce website WordPress allows you to install plugins like Woocommerce that allow you to meet clients online.

There are also websites for event directions and brochures, among many others. The plugins and layout allow WordPress to create almost any type of business.

Types of WordPress

WordPress is divided into two types, WordPress.Org and As a beginner, you may be wondering which is better for your website. is a self-hosted open-source software. Anyone can use it for free, all you need is a domain name for web hosting. The best part about WordPress is that you have complete control over your website.

On the other hand, is a website hosting source service that allows you to create a website using WordPress software.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about updates or backups because it handles everything for you.

When comparing the two, is superior to This is because it gives people complete control over their websites. You’ll be able to integrate it with custom themes, plugins, and tools to make your website look and function exactly how you want it to.

What are the requirements of a WordPress website? 

A domain name, web hosting, and cPanel are all required for building a professional website with up. These are only available as a paid package.

Themes and plugins are among the other requirements that can be easily obtained for free or paid versions.

01). Domain name.

This is the address of your website that internet users type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

Types of the domain name.

Selecting a domain name is critical to anyone launching a new website. You can choose from free different domain types.

i) Top-level domains.

These are at the top of the internet’s domain name hierarchy.

ii). Country code top-level 

These are codes that are technically associated with various countries. It can be useful if you’re creating a website for a special country.

Read also: Cheapest Domain Name (Top Providers).

iii). Generic top-level domain.

This is one of the top-level domain categories distinguished by a suffix attached to the domain they cover a thematic rather than a geographical field. 

iv). Second-level domain

This is the portion of a domain name or website address preceding the top-level domains

v). Third-level domains

In the domain name hierarchy, these are below the second level. They are merely a portion of a domain name that can be omitted from a fully functional domain name. It only matters when adding a subdomain to an existing domain.

Which is the best type of domain name?

If you’re having trouble deciding on a name for your domain, consider the following:

  1. First, make sure the name isn’t trademarked, copyrighted, or used by another company.
  2. Choose a name that corresponds to your topic and the overall goals
  3. Choose an easy-to-remember name
  4. Use keywords in your domain name if possible. It aids in improving your search engine ranking
  5. Purchase various domain extensions to protect and build your brand. This prevents competitors from registering alternate versions and ensures that customers are always directed to your website, even if they type it incorrectly.

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02). Web hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows you to upload your website files to the internet. It is classified into four main types; shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting

This is the most basic and least expensive type of web hosting. It is ideal for small or entry-level websites. It enables the use of multiple websites on a single server.

Virtual private server(VPS) hosting

VPS, like shared hosting, allows your website to share a single server with other sites. The number of websites sharing a single server, however, will be significantly reduced.

Dedicated hosting

This is a type of internet hosting in which a physical server is dedicated to a single business customer. It provides you with tremendous power and total control

Cloud hosting

This is the best choice for medium and large business websites that are rapidly expanding.

Go here to get the cheapest web hosting in South Africa.

03). cPanel

cPanel is a popular control panel that allows you to manage your web hosting through a user-friendly web interface. Unlike a domain name and web hosting, which are required to create a wordpress website, cPanel is optional. It can, however, do a lot to help you manage your wordpress website.

Website design

is the process of creating a website’s overall visual look and feel. 

You can now create a WordPress website that you have the requirements for. Following that, you must design your website to improve its appearance.

When you first visit your new WordPress website, there’s nothing fancy about it. You’re capable of doing better. This is why you should consider designing your website.

However, the design of your website should be more than just pretty images. It should express your company’s vision, core values, and brand clearly.

Importance of designing your website

  1. It aids in ranking on search engines such as google
  2. Makes your website seem credible and approachable
  3. Gives you a brand identity
  4. Gives you a good first impression
  5. It allows you to stand out from the competitors

What are the elements of a good website design?

Nowadays, website design is an essential part of doing business. Even the slightest aspect of web design can make or break your website. As a result, it is critical to examine some of the elements that contribute to a good website design.

I). Color scheme

If you have brand colors that match your logo, products, and other brand identity elements you should use the same color to design your website. It is critical to maintain a consistent color scheme. This helps your users or visitors to recognize your website even before they visit.

II). Fonts

There are an infinite number of fonts. The general rule for choosing a font is that it should be easy to read and visible against the background color you’ve chosen. Your font should reflect the personality of your brand.

III). Layout

Your design should have a simple, clean, and focused layout on the most important elements.

IV). Simple navigation

Users expect to understand the information on your website. Simple navigation should be easy to find, use and understand.

V). Stunning visuals

Customers are drawn to your website by visuals because they are the first thing they see. You should use high-quality and original images that are relevant. 

How to design a WordPress website

In this era where content management systems dominate the web industry, it is best to consider using CMS like WordPress to design your website. This is because it provides a variety of options and simplifies the design process.

Using the following, you will design a WordPress website quickly and in a way that your clients will adore. 

#1. Themes

The best thing about WordPress is that it uses interchangeable designs known as themes. A WordPress theme is a collection of graphics, style sheets, and code that determines how your website looks overall. They allow you to customize your WordPress website to look exactly how you want it to. 

There are two main ways to design a WordPress website. You can either modify an existing theme or build the structure from the ground up. 

The former is preferable because it provides more functionality and is frequently supported. When you create a WordPress website, a default theme is assigned to you. The WordPress admin dashboard allows you to change your theme.

Navigate to your appearance, then to the theme page, and finally to the add new button.

There are over 9.000 WordPress themes available for use in designing your website.

After you’ve installed a theme that corresponds to the purpose of your website, go ahead and customize it to look exactly how you want it to. 

Read also: How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme.

#2. Installing plugins in WordPress. 

A plugin is a software add-on that is installed on a program to improve its functionality. They let you add features and customize your WordPress website. 

There are over 50,000 free plugins available for WordPress, as well as paid plugins offered by third parties. 

There are numerous plugins for various functions, but for this post, we’ll focus on a few that help improve the appearance of your WordPress website. They include:

The seedprod plugin for WordPress is a drag-and-drop plugin. It enables you to easily customize your website design and create custom page layouts without having to write any code.

Envira gallery lite enables you to add stunning image galleries to your WordPress website.

There are numerous design plugins available that you can install or customize to make your WordPress website look exactly how you want it to.


Website design is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. When you design your website to look more attractive and professional, you can attract the right audience, build a loyal following, and ultimately increase sales. 

If you lack the confidence to design your WordPress website, you can try to hire a team of web design professionals to ensure you have a high-quality and professional website. 

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