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What Happens To Expired Domains

Last updated on July 7th, 2021 at 10:04 am

In this post, we’ll know about domains and what happens to expired domains. The Internet has existed for a while.

These days also it has come to be flexible and easily accessible. It’s also providing opportunities for people to take their ideas online.

One can own a website without spending a dime. Yes, for as low as $0 you can create a website and begin transactions.

Also, one doesn’t need the skills of coding or design. With just dragging and dropping elements you create a stunning site fast.

Setting up a business also has become easy and cost-saver. The internet has become the hub for all services.

One can also transact online easily. Just buying or selling online at the comfort of your home. Before we get to expired domains, let’s get more insights.

What are domains?

These are permanent addresses to your website. They are names that people use to access a certain website.

Can also be the name we type on search bars and search engines to reach a website.

A domain has two parts:

Let’s use as an example.

truehost- this is the website name.

.africa- this is the domain name extension.

What do domains offer?

  • Credibility- a domain creates an identity that one can easily check out. People can also share it.
  • Promotes your brand- once you provide the best, people are able to promote and share around with their friends.
  • Shows professionalism- many sites provide subdomains which is long and one can’t be able to remember. A domain will solve this and make it simple.
  • Increases ranking- The more people search and share your site, it becomes popular and easy to rank.
  • Sells your business- domains make people recognize you. A good name speaks for your business.

How to buy a domain?

Well, before you buy a domain you need somewhere to buy it from. Well, Truehost Africa is the best place to get a domain.

They have the best prices and offers on all web services. Here is how to buy a domain from Truehost.

It’s a very simple 4 step process. Here is how to do it.

1. Visit Truehost Africa Homepage:

From the homepage scroll to a domain search bar and enter your domain and search.

Truehost Domain Search

2. Adding to cart

Here you select the extension you want and the type of currency you want to use. Also, you get to know whether your domain is available.

Domain CartDomains Configuration

Here is where you select to add addons that will make your domain perform fast.

Domain ConfigurationCheckout

Here is where you make the final adjustments before you pay. This means choosing a currency to use,  continue shopping, or empty cash.

Domain purchase checkoutOne also needs to register an account. This account will be used to receive invoices and more information from Truehost.

That’s how you register a domain in South Africa.

What are expired domains?

They are unrenewed domains after expiration or those that have been terminated and not active for a while. This means the domain is available for bidding and someone else can buy it. 

Once a domain has expired the emails stop working and the website isn’t accessible. However, once you renew it everything works.

An expired domain is limited. One also can’t be able to transfer it until they renew it.

Reasons why people abandon domains:

  • Warnings for trademark infringement.
  • Failure of the website project
  • Expensive to renew
  • The domain doesn’t bring the desired results.
  • The registrar company was liquidated.

What Happens To Expired Domains

1. International Domains

The likes of .com, .info, and others have 90 days before the domains are released and one can re-register them.

However one has 30 days grace period then it proceeds to be available for purchase and re-registration.

Grace period- this is the time one can consider paying for their before it becomes available for re-registration.

During this period one can renew their contract without any other additional charges.

Redemption period- the time when a domain has been put for bids. Here you pay more than you would in the grace period.

Also, at this period someone else can pay and get your domain.

Alternatively, one can wait after 90 days and buy the domain afresh. However, you might not be lucky someone else may purchase it.

2. Other domains

This domain has no redemption period. They offer you 90 days to renew your contract or else the domain is out and can be sold to someone else.


This is a tough one. Once the domain has expired you have 5 days grace period. After 30 days it’s released and people can buy it afresh.


It goes to a pending suspension state for 0-5 days after the expiry date. (here it is renewable and transferrable  without extra charges.)

Then it remains in suspension for 5-10 days after expiry ( here domain can be renewed but not transferred.)

This means you have 10 days of grace period before the domain enters the redemption period. After the grace period, the domain enters the closed redemption. 

During this phase, the domain is restorable at an additional fee; a restoration fee. The closed redemption lasts for 11-25 days after the expiry date.

The domain enters the pending deletion. Nothing changes. The period lasts for 5 days.

Thus za domain is out for fresh registration to the public after 30-45 days from the expiry date.

One can’t own a domain; one just leases a domain name and pays for a period of time.

Once you stop paying for it expires with its services. And it’s available for someone else to re-register it and use it for their website.


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