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How to Build Your Freelance Website in South Africa

Last updated on January 4th, 2022 at 02:15 pm

We all need financial stability.  Having a side hustle and a website come in handy. In this article, we’ll talk about how to build your freelance website. Create a website today to help you grow.

Websites are the best tools that help you progress online. They also allow one to reach out to many people at once.

They are helping businesses prosper and get potential customers fast. Besides, they are also flexible and help one share more.

Owning a website these days is easy. With technology one also can do it in less than 10 minutes. Well, before we get to how to build your freelance website let’s gather more insights on websites.

What is a website?

It’s a tool that has a collection of pages that are related and connected by one domain. This means also it is published under one server.

A website means it can be accessed all over the world. Anyone can get to your site using the domain name.

Well, before creating a website one should consider the following:

  •  The aim- what are you aiming to get from the website and what results do you want. This will help you build a plan.
  • Content- this is what you will put on your website. It should go in line with what you are targeting to have.
  • Design- a good design will attract visitors. It will also dictate how your site will look like.
  • Usability- how will the users interact with your website, will it be easy to navigate? Consider your users before publishing.
  • Compatibility- how will your site be accessed? Can it be accessed through a phone or it’s just a desktop layout.
  • Audience- who are you targeting and how best do you reach them. 

Why create a website?

To connect

A website allows you to reach out to millions easily. One can use it to share their plans, problems, and many others and get feedback from others.

It’s also easy to showcase what you do. A website is also a platform where people can meet and become more than friends.

It is what you choose to make it. Can do more than just bring people together.

Increase reach

A business website advertises and get’s prospective customers fast. Using a website allows you to get in touch with millions of potential clients.

It also allows one to create the best environment for customers to reach out. It’s a channel for collecting and providing data.

A website can be tweaked to target the right people for you.

To be credible

A website speaks a lot about your business. A website simply shows how well your business is organized and what it provides.

It makes you stand out, helps you be unique and different from the competition. Besides, a website communicates information to all.

People always question what they can’t see. Having a website creates an impression and certifies that you are real.

To save time and other resources

We all do a search whenever we need a product or service. A website corrects this and saves time for everyone who comes along your website.

A website will give all the detailed information one needs to get a product or service. Removes inconveniences and allows smooth transactions.

There are many reasons why people create websites. One however needs to have an aim and be original.

How do you create a website?

Building a website has been simplified into two ways:

  • Paying someone to do it 
  • Doing it yourself.

Paying someone is expensive. At times also you don’t end up with the design you want. It also takes time to have your website.

Besides, this means also you will be paying them to maintain it for you.  That’s an extra cost especially if you are starting up and need a website fast.

Well, doing yourself is easy. You get to create the website you want, the time you want and the best thing is you don’t spend.

Yes, you create for free. How?

With OLITT, a site builder it gives you the necessary tools you need to go online instantly. You don’t need to pay anything.

OLITT also eliminates the process of coding and design. It provides a drag and drop platform where you create your website easily.

In less than 10 minutes you can have your stunning site live. You don’t need a week or a day to bring your ideas online.

Here is how to create a website with OLITT.

Besides, also you don’t need anyone to maintain it for you. You get the freedom to do it all by yourself without spending a dime.

What do you need to create a website?


This is the reason to create a website. Also, it indicates whom you planning to get the attention of when you create.

A purpose is a building block. It allows you to strategize and choose the kind of design that your visitors will be attracted to.

Once you have a purpose a name comes easily. One is able to proceed to the next step fast and easily and plan more.


A domain is the address name that people always type on browsers and search bars to reach your site. It’s a permanent name of your site.

A good domain name is easy and speaks for your website. Besides, it shouldn’t limit one in its applications.


This is what you intend to share with everyone. It’s what people visiting your site will be seeing. One should craft the best content.

Content also allows one to get in touch with their clients. Informative and catchy content will keep the visitors coming.

Content can be leveraged to attract and transform clients into sales. It’s a good marketing strategy to implement.


This is where your website will reside. It’s the home of your website. There are many plans available for you as per your budget.

However, if you are low on budget visit Truehost they have the best deals. For as low as $0 you can have your website running.


This is what people see. It’s how they will interact with your website. A good design is responsive and easy to use.

Before creating one, put yourself in the eyes of the visitor. Check on what best way to make it appealing and easily accessible. 

It should capture their attention. Make them want to interact with your more. Make sure to craft the best design for your website.

Once you create a website the next step is maintaining it. Should be taken care of by constantly updating content, plugins, themes, and many more.


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