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How To Get Windows VPS South Africa Now

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 10:31 am

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about Windows VPS in South Africa.

In the end, I will show you how to determine whether you actually need a VPS in South Africa.

With that said, let’s get rolling.

What is VPS in South Africa?

I know you know what a VPS is, but just keep reading, maybe you have forgotten a thing or two.

Also, the definition actually sets the stage for making a wise decision in the end.

That aside, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

See, a normal server is not ‘private’ because you are sharing the resources with other users.

That is shared hosting in South Africa.

Then there is dedicated hosting.

You can say this is the holy grail of web hosting in South Africa.

With it, you have the whole server to yourself, which also means the costs are all on you.

In the end, VPS hosting comes on top, as the best performing hosting option in South Africa.

And as the best value for your money.

Why virtual?

Well, to get VPS, the host applies virtualization technology on a webserver.

The result?

Several ‘mini servers’ capable of running their own OS.

Besides shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting, there is Windows and Linux hosting.

Windows and Linux hosting in South Africa

First, Windows and Linux are two different operating systems.

As such, Windows hosting is web hosting that uses Windows operating system, and Linux, you guessed it right, uses Linux OS.

What is their difference?

Well, Linux hosting in South Africa is pretty popular, even all over the world.

At the same time, the two work with different applications.

For example;

If you are running  ASP, . NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), you will need Windows hosting in South Africa.

What is Windows VPS in South Africa?

Based on what we have already mentioned above, it means that this is a VPS server running on Windows OS.

So, if you are planning on creating and hosting  ASP, . NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) applications, you will definitely need Windows VPS South Africa.

When you have finally settled on hosting your website on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), the next move should be deciding which operating system(OS) to run.

There are two types of VPS servers based on the OS; Linux-based VPS and Windows-based VPS.

What’s the difference?

Linus VPS vs Windows VPS

Linux is an open-source operating system that is compatible with applications like PHP and MySQL. 

A Linux VPS will be suitable for websites that only require simple technologies. It supports scripts like Zen Cart, WordPress, phpBB.

Windows on the other hand is a commercial OS. 

It comes with license fees and is subjected to specialized tasks. If your website requires Windows-specific applications like ASP.NET or MS SQL, Windows VPS hosting will be ideal for you.

Once you’ve chosen the platform based on the kind of technologies your site needs, you should get a good service provider. 

While budget-friendly VPS services are more attractive, it is important to balance with other factors such as performance, security, reliability, and customer support to get the best value.

Cost of Windows VPS in South Africa

The cost of Windows hosting in South Africa depends on the provider and resources of the VPS.

Below is the Windows VPS in South Africa pricing and specs on Truehost Africa.

VPS Windows 1

VPS Windows 2

VPS Windows 3

Location Europe

Location Europe

Location Europe

1 core

2 core

4 core




25 GB SSD storage

50 GB SSD storage

100 GB SSD storage



R1254.15/PER MONTH

Why is Windows VPS so expensive?

Windows VPS is expensive because Windows is a proprietary OS. 

As such, you need to purchase a license from the vendors before using it, unlike Linux that is free and open source.

But considering its ease of use and functionality, it is worth every rand.

How much is VPS a month?

VPS in South Africa ranges from R60 per month for 1 CPU, 1GB (DDR4), 30GB SSD storage VPS server to R400 for 2 CPU, 4 GB (DDR4), and 100 GB SSD VPS.

Which VPS is best in South Africa?

Truehost Africa has some of the best VPS servers in South Africa.

Their servers come with;

  • Root Access
  • 1 IPv4
  • 1 IPv6
  • Ability to Choose Linux or Windows OS
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Host unlimited sites

What is Windows Cloud Server?

Windows Cloud Server is a cloud server running on a Windows operating system.

Cloud hosting involves more than 1 server hosted in different locations but connected to form one network called ‘Cloud.’

When you host on one of the servers under the cloud, a copy of your files will be distributed among all the other cloud servers.

This way, you can access your data anywhere in the world.

And more importantly, in case of a disaster, say, one server breaks down, the others kick in, no downtime.

Advantages of Windows VPS hosting in South Africa

1) It is a budget-friendly hosting option.

2) No sharing of server resources.

3) Water-tight security.

4) Gives you better control over your website.

5) Ease of Use.

Disadvantages of Windows VPS South Africa.

1) Less Robust than a Dedicated Server.

2) Requires technical expertise

Who should use Windows VPS South Africa?

Is Windows VPS in South Africa for you?

If you are planning on creating and hosting  ASP, . NET, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) applications, you will definitely need Windows VPS South Africa.

Where Can I Get Windows VPS in South Africa?

Here’s a list of some of the best providers of Windows VPS South Africa:

  • Truehost Africa
  • Host Africa
  • Web4Africa
  • Accu Web hosting
  • Host King
  • Paradigm Solutions
  • Milesweb
  • Ive Cloud
  • Absolute Hosting
  • GoDaddy
  • Webguru
  • Zappe Host
  • Moz Domains
  • Wao Host
  • Tech Plus
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