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Top #20 Web Design Companies in Zimbabwe in 2024

Last updated on February 26th, 2024 at 08:24 am

Web design companies in Zimbabwe have a great deal of capacity, so your business can be sure that they will lead to lots of quality to your activity. They will have a huge constructive significance on your firm. 

Choosing the right web design company can be tricky. In this article, we have discussed 20 web design companies in Zimbabwe. We hope you will find the perfect fit for your business below.

#1. Vivid Media (Pvt) Ltd

Top #20 Web Design Companies in Zimbabwe

Vivid Media (Pvt) Ltd is an award-winning digital marketing company in Zimbabwe offering web design services, graphic design, and social media management. The company uses creativity and innovation to help businesses achieve their goals and get to their target audience. 

The company consistently brings refreshing solutions to the table. They offer quality products that show a lot of intelligence in their design iterations. and also have stellar communication.

They also have a very reliable team that delivers everything they agreed to.

#2. speMEDIA


speMEDIA offers you a professional top website design that is proven to grow your internet business in Zimbabwe. They also offer the best professionally designed Website Design Services for small businesses, as well as corporates to bring you more online clients in Zimbabwe.

Website design is one of the most important online marketing assets that you can invest in. therefore, you can grow your cyberspace business by getting a website designed by speMEDIA.

They are one of the best website coders in Zimbabwe with a highly qualified and competent website content creation team. Their team of website developers will help you design your website content, increasing greatly the chances of your site or online store being seen by website visitors and also increasing your webpage online sales through a powerful call to action!

#3. Web Entangled

Web Entangled

Web Entangled is a web design, SEO, and digital marketing company which was founded in 2002. The company was registered under the Zimbabwean companies Act in 2003. 

The web design company aims to offer the highest levels of quality and service to companies and organizations wishing to be at the cutting edge of internet design and functionality and to utilize these qualities to facilitate maximum internet exposure and presence to their clients.

The company has established itself as a leading digital marketing expert and is successful at producing traditional campaigns.

#4. Antfarm Tech Solutions

Antfarm Tech Solutions

Antfarm is a web design company focused on helping its clients to achieve their business goals. The company is not only about website design but also a full-service web design company that is dedicated to internet marketing solutions.

It creates digital products and experiences that will delight your customers. They adopt emerging technologies, use best practices, and leverage analytics to help you grow your business.

#5. CEE Creative Zimbabwe

CEE Creative is a highly-rated website design company in Zimbabwe, with the best web designers and web developers in the country. The company not only designs websites but also ensures your website design is more relevant to your potential customers who are searching on the Internet.

The company creates and designs HTML pages collectively known as a website. Each of their websites is styled with CSS and gets its logic from Javascript and PHP makes.

#6. Techdweto

Techdweto is a web designing company with over 5 years of experience. It is one of the best full-service digital marketing, web design, and development agency that is devoted to delivering remarkable ROI to its clients.

The company helps you design a website that will look good on your customers’ mobile devices. 

#7. Orbit Revolution

Orbit Revolution

Orbit Revolution is a fast-growing digital agency that specializes in building software solutions and designing brand-worthy content. The company uses the power of the internet and social media to turn startups and struggling businesses into successful companies.

The company does not only design, hand over, and assume their job is over. To them, design is a process, and they change things as the industry evolves and your needs change. That means they always ensure your website gets upgraded on features and general aesthetics so that you remain relevant to your customers and industry. 

They measure and analyze your website performance and create insights and reports that help in making marketing decisions. What makes the company stand out is its ability to incorporate the creative process into the business aspect.

#8. Infinity Web Design

Infinity Web Design

Infinity WebDesign is a Zimbabwean design company based in Harare. The company was established in 2015. Infinity’s Creativity has inspired innovative solutions. 

Infinity Web Design is a highly regarded company whose process-driven approach to developing rich customer experiences helps clients get into the market faster and expand more effectively.

The company is committed to simplicity and is passionate about crafting clear, engaging, and effective communications. It is dedicated to designing excellence whilst reducing complexity and expressing meaningful ideas. 

#9. TechTribe Incorporated

TechTribe Inc. is a website design company located in Robert Mugabe Way, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The company is listed under website designer, computer consultant, design agency, graphic designer, internet marketing agency, and web hosting company category.

#10. Ethans Design

Ethans Design

Ethans Design offers affordable web design services in Zimbabwe. The company helps you engage your audience, increase sales, and make a lasting impression with professional designs which is built specifically for your business and your customers.

They plan, create, and build beautiful websites using the best platforms that utilize the latest technologies. They also provide search engine optimization for businesses that want to rank number one on Google search. Ethans Design also offers other related services such as website & email hosting, graphic design, and general marketing consultancy.

#11. Webrako


Webrako is owned by a web design and development professional named Billie. Webrako is a brand that creates websites that are beautiful and functional. Webrako helps brands and agencies turn their ideas into designs and higher lead conversions.

#12. AkoiWeb Zimbabwe 

AkoiWeb Zimbabwe

AkoiWeb is a well-established premium web and graphic design agency that was founded in 2009. It focuses on quality, innovation, & speed and it has utilized technology to bring results to grow its clients’ businesses. 

Throughout the last 13 years, AkoiWeb has been able to create stunning, award-winning designs in multiple verticals while allowing its clients to obtain an overall better web presence.

The company philosophy is to create the kind of website that most businesses dream of. Which is easy to find, stylish and appealing, quick loading, mobile responsive, and easy to buy from.

AkoiWeb’s mission is to design its entire process and products around providing everything a small business needs when they’re starting out and ensuring that working with them is always a quick, easy, and hassle-free experience. 

The company gives its clients full control of their website without a ridiculous price tag, and its friendly team offers their expertise even after your website is live.

#13. Netcom Zimbabwe

Netcom Zimbabwe

Netcom is a Harare-based Web Design & ICT Solutions company that offers strategic services including creative web design, custom development, proactive web maintenance, reliable web hosting, bulk sms services, and results-driven ICT Solutions. 

The company creates websites that look good, work well, and function as dynamic sales, marketing, and brand-building tool for its client’s businesses. The company’s custom software development gives your business the solutions and strategic edge while taking into account users’ needs and expectations. 

With a reputation for creating technology solutions with a practical purpose, Netcom can provide the right solution for individuals, small businesses, and corporates. 

#14. Calmlock 


Calmlock is a web design company that is well known for great website designs and SEO projects in Zimbabwe. The company has 8 years of experience and has a big local and international portfolio.

#15. Nya Simango Digital

Nya Simango Digital

Nya Simango is a website design and development freelancer, working with a group of digitally minded individuals. The team focuses on websites, mobile applications, and web solutions. With the digitally enlightened (a full stack developer, graphic artist, and project manager) they put their heads together to make their users’ digital presence not only on the online and social media side “POP but also in the brick and mortar world. 

Since the internet is rapidly growing and so are the challenges associated with that growth, the group decided to come together to propel your digital footprint and maximize your efficiency.

#16. Beedesigned Studio

Beedesigned Studio is a leading UX design and development company based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The company uses pixel-perfect designs and fancy technology to create brands, products, and experiences that help its clients solve social problems and seize opportunities.

Beedesigned studio work ethic as a brand is modeled after bees. The company believes in moving as a group, guided by their shared vision and beliefs. Roping in well-structured strategies to ensure they achieve the whole hive’s purpose and meet their daily objectives.

The company believes in the power of human-centered design in software development. They are focused on building relationships and helping people and organizations succeed through a collaborative process.

The design company values precise timings, transparent project management, and on-time delivery. They put their heart into their clients’ products and strive to exceed their expectations.

#17. Eons Digital Zimbabwe

Eons Digital Zimbabwe

Eons Digital is a strategic and creative digital marketing agency in Zimbabwe. The company works with businesses of all shapes and sizes across nearly every industry, to provide professional and affordable digital marketing services with measurable results. Eons Digital specializes in website design and development, SEO services, graphic design, logo design, branding, packaging, and label design.

Eons Digital is a small, tight-knit team of adventurous, creative, and open-minded professionals. who use their collective design, technical expertise, and experience to create effective, meaningful, and memorable digital products that connect people to brands and businesses.

#18. ZimNinja

ZimNinja is a website design agency based in Zimbabwe which specializes in WordPress web design and delivers websites that work. It is a performance-based marketing company that just happens to build kick-ass websites.

As one of Zimbabwe’s leading Web Design Agencies, ZimNinja builds your website with the end in mind. A website designed by ZimNinja will drive leads and generate sales. Whether you are looking to build your brand or want to increase your leads and generate more sales, this web design company can do it all for you. 

ZimNinja has an inspired team of web designers and developers who have the support of award-winning digital marketers. Many businesses have websites that look pretty or are full of fancy visual effects, but they don’t strike the right balance between looks, function, and performance. 

This makes them too slow and even unable to perform on google because they may be busy or visually distracting that they don’t get the message across. Unlike those web designers, ZimNinja delivers custom-built, beautifully designed websites that are built to perform. 

#19. Webmind Softech

Webmind Softech

Webmind Softech has been one of the best web designers in Zimbabwe since it was founded in 2011. Through its team of website designers, the company has created more than 1000+ professional brands for business startups, small enterprises, and large corporations. The company designs corporate web design services for business companies with creative original concepts. 

If you are looking for top web design companies in Zimbabwe, Webmind Softech is a company that creates award-winning websites for startups and established enterprises and they might be what your business needs.

#20. The Blurry 

Web Design Companies in zimbabwe

The Blurry is a brand identity consultancy and design agency that offers services to both local (Zimbabwe) and international brands of all sizes in various industries. 

The design agency transforms start-ups into powerful brands hence empowering its clients, through great results, and growth. The company is determined to create an experience that goes beyond expectations.

The purpose of the agency is to help establish and shape your brand, connecting your brand to the clients and making sure your goals and objectives turn into positive results. If you are looking for a web design company in Zimbabwe you might want to consider The Blurry.


A website can help your business to grow since in today’s world everyone is using technology to get answers for anything they need and so are your potential customers.

People go online looking for different services or products that you might be offering and they will not know about your business unless you have a richly designed, professional website. A quality website will help your clients to effectively pick, choose and order your products online. 

We hope the above list will help you choose the perfect web design company for you in Zimbabwe.


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