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How To Do Godaddy Domain Search In South Africa

In this blog post, you are going to learn how to do a Godaddy domain search in South Africa.

You will get a step-by-step guide with screenshots. Additionally, you will find tips on how to pick the best domain name.

See, before you even think of the search for a domain in South Africa, you first have to come up with ideas.

These are the potential names you’d wish to call your website.

Truth is, coming up with the best domain name is no joke. You need inspiration and to follow a certain recipe.

Where is it coming from?

Well, you must admit, you have seen both the best and worst domain names, right?

What made the distinguishes the best from the rest?

7 Tips on How to Pick a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be difficult. There are so many things that you have to think about when picking one, and there is no way that the perfect name will just come to you! 

Here are the most important tips for choosing a domain name in South Africa.

a). Easy to remember

Always try to find a domain name that is easy to remember. 

If the name is too long or confusing then people will not be able to recall it after reading your blog post once, and they won’t visit you again!

b). Words should flows

Make sure that the words flow well together when written down and do not look like random gibberish (e.g., hiphostingreviews). 

The method for checking this may vary depending on what writing platform you use, but generally speaking, if two words don’t go together in normal speech then they probably shouldn’t be paired up as part of a domain name either.

Some good examples would include “pixarfilms” or “microsoftoutlook”.

c). Stick to a .com if possible

Try to use a .com domain name if possible. 

People have become accustomed to these and will be able to easily identify your blog as legitimate, which makes it more likely that they’ll subscribe.

If you do not have the budget for a .com then try going with a country-specific one (.za for South Africa, .fr for France, etc.) or an alternative top-level domain such as “blog” or “website” (e.g., 

Just make sure that whatever TLD you choose is actually available first! 

We wouldn’t want this article being written about us now, would we? :)”

d). Domain should be related to your blog

Try to come up with a domain that relates well to the topic of your blog. If you are blogging about “Apple” then it would be wise for your website name to include this word in some fashion (e.g., appleblog). 

This will make people more likely to click on your site when they see it in their search results because they already have an idea of what type of content they can expect!

e). DO NOT use numbers or symbols

It is generally thought best not to use any numbers or symbols in the domain name unless there is no other alternative. 

These look unprofessional and may lead potential visitors away from visiting your site further – nobody wants that after all! 

You should also avoid using hyphens if possible too. 

Although these do not look quite as unprofessional, they are still not ideal and may cause some confusion.

g). Keep the name short 

People will not want to spend a long time typing it in on their devices if they can avoid it. 

Try and keep the name under 15 characters at most, as this is easier for people with smaller screen sizes.

e). Avoid offensive words

Avoid using words that could be seen as inappropriate or offensive (e.g., f*ckblog) – even if you do not plan to write about these topics! 

This kind of content may offend some readers who are visiting your blog unexpectedly through search engines, so try to steer away from subjects like sex or violence if possible. 

Not only could this lower conversions by turning off potential advertisers but it also means that Google may demote your site in its listings because of bad user experiences!

Now that you know what to do to pick the best website name, let us look at the Godaddy domain search in South Africa.

Godaddy Domain Search In South Africa: Step by Step

Follow these steps to search a domain on Godaddy in South Africa.

1. Go to

Go to Domain Names, Websites, Hosting & Online Marketing Tools - GoDaddy ZA

Head over to to start your Godaddy domain search in South Africa.

2. Type your domain


To start Godaddy domain search in South Africa process, type in the name you’d wish to register for your website on the box available at the top.

3. Click on Search Domain

Click on Search Domain

Once you have typed the name, go ahead and click SEARCH DOMAIN.

Here, Godaddy will sort through their database looking for a match of the name you provided.

If it finds a match, you will be prompted to pick another name since the one you just picked is already taken.

But if it doesn’t find a match, you will get a message that the domain you picked is available.

And if the website name is available, you can now go ahead with the domain registration in South Africa.

4. Click on Get It

Click on Get It

Go ahead and click on Get It to continue with Godaddy Domain Search In South Africa.

5. Click on Looks Good, Keep Going

Click on  Looks Good, Keep Going

6. Uncheck Start your website for FREE.

Uncheck Start your website for FREE.

Godaddy will try to sell you some add-ons, like the free website builder.

If you do not need it, you are just here for Godaddy Domain Search In South Africa, then uncheck it.

7. Click on Continue to Cart

Click on Continue to Cart

8. Review your order cart

Click on
.ZA (.CO.ZA) Domain Registration
1 Year
£ 7,31
Renews September 2022 for £ 7,31 (1-yr term)
Professional Email - Individual - 1 year(s)
12 Months
£ 23,88
50% off
View offer disclaimers
Empty Cart
Subtotal (GBP)
£ 31,19
Subtotal does not include applicable taxes
Have a promo code?
Nice! You saved £ 24,00 on your order.
I'm Ready to Pay

9. Click on I’m Ready to Pay

Click on I'm Ready to Pay

Finally, after filling in the necessary information, go ahead and pay for your order.

That is how to do Godaddy Domain Search In South Africa.

What to do after registering a domain in South Africa

Once you have purchased a website name, you may consider the following;

Try to get your name in the top results on Google search! 

Make sure that you include keywords that people who are searching for information about your topic will be using (e.g., “how to blog” or “blogging tips”). 

This is especially important if your website does not contain any advertising at all – a well-optimized domain can make up for this lack of income because it means more traffic coming in! 

The best way to do this would be through blogging regularly and creating amazing content so that when someone searches for these topics your site appears near the top of their list. 

Another option would be buying ads from Google Adwords or similar, but this is not always a viable solution for new bloggers.

Make sure that you have your domain name set up before the launch of the blog site! Many hosts will offer to do this for free or at a little extra cost when you sign up with them (e.g., Truehost), so it should be easy enough to take advantage of their services. 

This step is very important because if people are unable to find your website on day one then they may never get around to visiting without seeing some sort of advertisement first – something which we all know doesn’t happen often these days! 

If you don’t already own a domain name and want an idea about how much hosting might cost, here’s our guide on how to get web hosting in South Africa.

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