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Bulk Domain Orders in South Africa: Everything YOU Need To Know

Bulk registration of multiple domain names is a popular option utilized by businesses, web developers, and domain investors in South Africa.

Purchasing domains in bulk enables significant cost savings compared to individual registrations. It also provides convenience for securing multiple domains required for various projects and clients.

South African registrars offer streamlined processes and discounted pricing for bulk,, and other domain orders. Dedicated domain management tools also assist with organizing large domain portfolios.

This article will explore key aspects of bulk domain name registration in the South African market:

  • Reasons businesses buy domains in bulk
  • Process of ordering and registering multiple domains
  • Bulk pricing discounts and payment options
  • Top registrars for bulk domain orders in South Africa
  • Tools for managing large domain portfolios
  • Benefits of bulk domain registration

For companies planning to acquire dozens or even hundreds of domain names, bulk registration provides advantages over individual registrations.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways on bulk domain registration in South Africa:

  • Bulk orders enable cost savings of up to 50-75% compared to individual purchases.
  • Leading registrars like, Afrihost, and ZA Central Registry offer bulk pricing.
  • Businesses buy domains in bulk for brand protection, projects, and investing.
  • Following a streamlined application and payment process makes bulk ordering smooth.
  • Bulk domain pricing divides into standard and premium bundles based on value.
  • Longer registration terms like 2-5 years further lower bulk pricing.
  • Dedicated domain management platforms and tools help track large portfolios.
  • Setting expiration reminders and enabling auto-renewals prevents lapses.
  • Working directly with the .ZA Central Registry provides the most competitive bulk rates.

Reasons for Bulk Domain Orders in South Africa

There are several key reasons businesses and other entities in South Africa buy large numbers of domains in bulk:

Domain investing

Domain investors purchase domains with the aim of reselling them at a profit. Popular generic domains bought in bulk can demand premium resale values.

Brand protection

Businesses secure similar brand and trademark-related domain names to prevent competitors or cybersquatters from acquiring them. This is done by buying domains in bulk.

Clients and projects

Web developers and agencies need to register multiple domains for new websites being built for different clients and projects. Bulk registration simplifies this.

Company domains

Large enterprises need multiple domains for regional sites, microsites, international presence, etc. Buying them in bulk is efficient.


Businesses target specific industries by mass registering relevant industry, location and keyword-based domain names.

Geo domains

Domain registrars themselves bulk register new geographic and city top-level domains like .joburg, .durban and sell them.


Businesses bulk buy domains for setting up redirects to their main website to protect brand names and keywords.

Cost savings

Bulk registration provides volume discounts, enabling cheaper per-unit costs compared to individual purchases.

The strategic reasons for bulk domain acquisitions can vary significantly, but the motivations all come down to efficiency, convenience and cost savings.

Bulk Domain Order Process in South Africa

The process for bulk domain registration in South Africa involves:

Step 1: Select registrar

Bulk Domain Order Process in South Africa

Choose an accredited .ZA registrar that offers bulk registration services and discounted pricing. Compare rates between different providers.

Some popular options include Afrihost, MWEB,, ZA Central Registry.

But the top of all is

We offer bulk domain orders in South Africa!

Step 2: Check availability

Step 2: Check availability

Upload a bulk list of desired domain names to the registrar’s domain availability checker tool. This identifies which domains can be registered vs unavailable names.

Step 3: Finalize list

Based on availability results, finalize the list of domains to purchase in bulk. Group them into premium and standard pricing bundles based on the registrar’s rates.

Step 4: Complete application

Fill out the bulk domain registration application with applicant details, domain list, billing information etc. Some key requirements:

  • Applicant name and contact details
  • Registration period (1-10 years)
  • Payment method and billing details

Step 5: Make payment

Pay for the bulk domain purchase, either in full upfront or installment options like 50% upfront, balance on approval depending on the registrar.

Step 6: Domain review

The registrar will review the application and may have additional compliance steps for “premium” domain registration approval.

Step 7: Registration confirmation

Once finalized, the registrar will confirm registration and provide auth codes for the bulk domains purchased. This process can take 1-5 business days.

The overall bulk registration process is relatively straightforward. Larger domain bulk orders in South Africa may have more extensive approval and compliance steps to complete.

Bulk Domain Payment and Pricing in South Africa

Bulk domain registration pricing in South Africa offers major savings but varies between providers. Here are typical pricing options:

Standard bulk pricing

Most registrars in South Africa classify domains into standard and premium bundles. Standard domains are the cheapest, with example bulk pricing:

Number of DomainsTotal PriceEffective Per Domain Price
10 domainsR500R50
50 domainsR2,000R40
100 domainsR3,500R35
500 domainsR12,000R24
1,000 domainsR20,000R20

So per-unit rates can be as low as R20-R25 for large 1000+ domain orders.

Premium domain pricing

Premium or high value domains command significantly higher pricing even for bulk orders. These start around R200-R300 per domain per year.

Payment options

Payment methods for bulk orders include bank transfer (EFT), credit card, PayFast, Ebucks etc. Some registrars require 50% upfront.

Period discounts

Opting for longer registration terms like 2-5 years lowers the effective annual cost due to bundled discounts.


Optional auto-renewal for the entire bulk domain portfolio makes renewing domains easier.

Leveraging bulk order discounts enables significant per-unit savings on domain purchases, especially for larger orders.

Top Registrars for Bulk Domain Orders in South Africa

Some leading domain name registrars in South Africa offering bulk registration services:

  • Bulk pricing from as low as R50 per domain
  • Domain availability check API for bulk lists
  • Mix of standard and premium bundles
  • Free WHOIS privacy on bulk orders

  • Bulk orders above 20 domains
  • Price estimator tool for large domain lists
  • Free domain transfers on bulk orders
  • Accepts EFT, credit card payments

ZA Central Registry

  • Direct .ZA registry for bulk applications
  • Requires reseller account approval
  • Caters to largest domain orders
  • Automated domain review and approval

  • Bundles extra features like email, hosting
  • Flat rate of R39 per domain per year
  • For domain investors and developers
  • Local presence and support

Others include:

  • AfriNIC is a regional Internet registry that serves Africa. They offer a variety of domain extensions, including .com, .net, and .org. They also offer a reseller program.

When ordering hundreds or thousands of domains, going directly through .ZA Central Registry often provides the most competitive bulk pricing.

Managing Bulk Domain Portfolios

Once a large number of domains is registered, dedicated management tools become essential:

Domain management platforms

Services like DomainMOD provide a centralized dashboard to manage bulk domains across registrars:

  • Automated syncing and updates
  • Expiry and renewal tracking
  • Bulk transfers between registrars
  • Traffic and performance analytics
  • Valuation tools for pricing domains

Registry manager accounts

For direct .ZA Central Registry customers, the built-in registry manager account enables:

  • API integration with domain portfolios
  • Customized billing and invoicing
  • Dedicated account management
  • Domain sales and auction tools
  • Automated domain review workflows

Spreadsheet trackers

For smaller bulk portfolios, a simple Excel sheet with key details like expiration date, registrar, pricing info, purpose/project allociation etc. helps track everything.

Email reminders

Setting calendar reminders on renewal due dates for domain bunches helps ensure renewals are not missed.


Leveraging registrar tools for automated domain renewals avoids lapses in large domain portfolios.

Web hosting

Integrated domain and hosting management platforms from providers like Afrihost allow easier administration of bulk domains and websites.

Proper domain portfolio management is key to unlocking the full benefits and ROI from bulk domain investments.

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