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Best Fiber Deals in South Africa 2020

Best Fiber Deals in South Africa: When you’re thinking home or business internet, think fiber. Fiber connectivity supersedes ADSL options in terms of speed, reliability, distance coverage, and bandwidth. You can use the network to comfortably stream movies, music, and sports videos. Business companies can also make use of fiber for VoIP calls and video conferencing.

What is fiber?(Best Fiber Deals in South Africa)

Fiber-optic is a technology that converts electric signals to light, which is transmitted through optical strands. It enables you to connect your devices to the internet. Unlike Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) which uses a copper cable that are susceptible to damage by weather, Fiber utilizes glass threads that are hardly affected.

How is fiber connected? (best fibre isp south Africa)

Fiber can be connected to your home or premise directly, or can be connected to the nearest pole or utility pole. The cables can also be connected to a node where customers within the one-mile radius to the node can use DSL lines to install the network to their premises.

The connection can be capped or uncapped. Capped means that specified amount of resources are issued to you. Despite being more costly, you network bandwidth doesn’t get affected by other users. Uncapped deals usually have no limit but in case of overuse by one person, connectivity can be slow.

Best Fiber Deals in South Africa


Now that we know the basics, we can compare some of the best fiber deals in South Africa in 2020. Here’s a list:

1. Find My Fiber

At Find my fiber, you have the the Vodacom and Telkom package options. Vodacom fiber packages start at only R549 per month. With this uncapped deal, you get a download speed of 10Mbps and an upload speed of 5Mbps. The telecom starter package comes with the same download and upload speed at R608.75 monthly.

2. Cybertek

Cybertek have home, premium and business fiber packages to offer. The home package prices range from R659 per month for a speed of up to 4mbps to R1750 per month for up to 40mbps. The business package on the other hand ranges from R1395 to R3950 per month.

3. Afrihost

With Afrihost, you get a download/upload speed of 8/5mbps at R399 per month. In case you need super speed, their highest package, coming with 200Mbps download speed and 100Mbps upload speed goes for R1497. With the packages, there’s no usage threshold. You also get to save up to R5000 with their free installation, activation and Wi-Fi router deal.

4. Telkom

Telkom brings you another one of the Best Fiber Deals in South Africa. When you choose the R705.13 per month starter package, you get 10Mbps download speed, 5Mbps upload speed, 100GB soft cap data and free night surfer data.

5. Axxess

Axxess have no limits with their R399 per month uncapped fiber package. You can download your videos and music at a speed of 8Mbps and upload at 5Mbps. With the plan, you get free installation, connection and router.

Their capped fiber deals range start at R545 per month. The package comes with 50GB data, 10Mbps download and 5Mbps upload speed.


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